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  1. 2023 will most likely going to Central America either Panama or Costa Rica going to Central America for the 1st time in Pan American history it is the only region in the Americas which it has not been held yet, Or there is Miami USA which could be helping them in a lead up to the an 2032 Olympics Games bid it's in the Caribbean sea area. It will most likely be Miami USA or Panama City Panama which will host the 2023 Pan American Games Miami is hosting the 2017 Out Games which is the 2nd biggest Gay Sporting event in the world after the Gay Games,

    By 2023 it will be 36 years since the USA last hosted the Pan American Games in 1987 after Santiago De Chile pulled out on hosting them with out that it will be since 1959 since the USA last hosted the games in it's own right in Chicago Miami is an major city in the Caribbean sea area which could be the next Caribbean host city to the games. It could go like this Panama City Panama 2023 - Miami USA 2027 or vice versa.

    Panama City, Panamá is the Best option for Bidding in Central America because of the Geographic Position and the Panama Canal, and has a potential bid for the Pan Am Games 2023.

  2. There Are the Venues of the Pan Am Games Panamá 2023:


    Rommel Fernández Stadium: Atletics, Soccer and Opening and Closing Ceremony.

    Rod Carew Stadium: Baseball

    Roberto Durán Arena: Basketball, Handball, Gymnastics (Rytmic)

    Eileen Coparropa Pool (Might have to be indoor): Waterpolo, Swimming, Dive, Synchronized Swimming.

    Atlapa Convention Center: Fencing, Weightlifting, Gymnastics (Artistic)

    Presidente Remon Hipodrome: Equestrian

    Panama Canal Administration Stairs: Archery

    Fort Kobbe: Shooting


    There are other venues under construction and to be planned for the Pan Am Games 2023

  3. Panamá is Going to be a Potential Candidate for the Pan American Games 2023.


    -The Expanded Panamá Canal

    -The Baru Volcano

    -The tallest Skyscrapers of the Latin America

    -The Gatun Lake (The First World Artificial Lake)

    -The Amador Causeway

    -The Panamenian Culture Legacy

    -The Panamenian Colonization Legacy

    -The Duty Free Zone of Colon

    -The Very Short Trail Between Two Oceans (Atlantic and Pacific)

    -And the most important ¡The Global Position of Panama!

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