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  1. Panama City, Panamá is the Best option for Bidding in Central America because of the Geographic Position and the Panama Canal, and has a potential bid for the Pan Am Games 2023.
  2. There Are the Venues of the Pan Am Games Panamá 2023: Existing: Rommel Fernández Stadium: Atletics, Soccer and Opening and Closing Ceremony. Rod Carew Stadium: Baseball Roberto Durán Arena: Basketball, Handball, Gymnastics (Rytmic) Eileen Coparropa Pool (Might have to be indoor): Waterpolo, Swimming, Dive, Synchronized Swimming. Atlapa Convention Center: Fencing, Weightlifting, Gymnastics (Artistic) Presidente Remon Hipodrome: Equestrian Panama Canal Administration Stairs: Archery Fort Kobbe: Shooting ... There are other venues under construction and to be planned for the Pan Am Games 2023
  3. Panamá is Going to be a Potential Candidate for the Pan American Games 2023. Reasons: -The Expanded Panamá Canal -The Baru Volcano -The tallest Skyscrapers of the Latin America -The Gatun Lake (The First World Artificial Lake) -The Amador Causeway -The Panamenian Culture Legacy -The Panamenian Colonization Legacy -The Duty Free Zone of Colon -The Very Short Trail Between Two Oceans (Atlantic and Pacific) -And the most important ¡The Global Position of Panama!
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