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  1. OK This is cool... So 1996- Athens is awarded without any bidding because of the centennial. 1998- Salt Lake City easily wins over bids from Nagano and Ostersund. 2000- Although black horse Istanbul makes it to fourth place, Paris, Beijing and Sydney are still in the running, after Chicago pulling out at the last minute. Beijing would open China to the world in a new millenium and Paris would celebrate 100 years since 1900 games. Surprisingly Beijing pulls a stunner and beats out both. 2002- Since China got 2000, Japan decided not to vote, but S. Korea is not discouraged and they send in
  2. I agree it'll be Cape Town, but I think Nairobi has a great chance after that. Kenya is developing right now and could be as much an African power as Morocco or Tunisia by the time any of these countries bid. I'd say Cape Town then Cairo then Nairobi
  3. Hello, moderator! I am wondering if you know how to put an image from like a "paint" program or "word" onto the net without opening a webpage. Mr. X suggested imageshack.us, but I couldn't figure our how to get that to work. I made an image on Microsoft Paint, but it is a bitmap (bmp) and imageshack.us wont accept it. Please help, if possible. Thanks, I Love Minneapolis
  4. I am an idiot, I figure it out, but how do you put links to websites on your signature?
  5. WHenever I try to change my signature or anything under my personal info the little "Amend Your Profile" button does not showup, therefor not letting me change the quite large and stupid signature I have on at the moment, anything you could do to help would be appreciated.
  6. I've heard rumors that Abuja, Nigeria is planning to bid within 20 years. I think that for sure the first African games will be in Cape Town, but I think it will be in 2024 or 2028, because 2012 will most likely be in Europe (Paris) , then hopefully 2016 will be in South America (Rio) , then I think the IOC will have a hard time going to two completely new regions back to back and ignoring cites like New York, London,and Madrid, so I thinmk it will go like this: 2012-Paris 2016-Rio 2020-New York 2024-Madrid 2028-Cape Town Just a bit of thinking on my part, thanks.
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