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  1. I see nothing there bur shadows and boxes. The floor looks flat.
  2. Some findings from this photo: the floor is flat, there is no trap, no underground passage and no sign that they are thinking of a lake, as well. So, hypotheses that include these elements must be discarded. Apparently, this guy is in the area reserved for the press, the same area to be occupied by authorities.
  3. I han´t seen it before. So many things I couldn't see during those turmoil times.
  4. All editions of the Olympic Games faced difficulties. All of them had troubled times. Rio would not be the exception. There were failures here and there will probably be more one until the end of the games. It was the same in previous editions. But you can be sure everything will work out. Much better than many people think.
  5. Bad news: Rio de Janeiro's Governor declared today "a state of calamity", which means that the state is broken and has no money to meet its payments, inlcuding employees. The Federal Government ii to contribute with an amount of R$ 2.9 billion (about US $ 850 million) for the completion of the metro's line 4 and the payment of unpaid wages. The money will also be used to pay public servants until August. Good news is President Temer has guaranteed the Federal Government will financially support the Games. http://oglobo.globo.com/rio/com-estado-de-calamidade-rio-vai-receber-29-bilhoes-da-uniao-19531554
  6. Baron, I don´t think brazilian think you know too much. We are all guessing here and brazilians are all newbies, when it comes to Opening Ceremonies. But you, you wrote a book on this subject!
  7. Rio de Janeiro Municipalty's Map. Would that " white round thing there" be a stylized version?
  8. Yes, that is the point. HH could easily be designated honorray reresentative of the Presidency or something like that. It is not diffuclt, but improbable.
  9. Know what? I think brazilian people need taking some history classes.
  10. Victor, I think you are underestimating the movement for the restorarion of the monarchy. It is bigger and very effective. That wouldn't be a surprise for me if the heir to he brazilian throne was invited to open the games because of the ridiculous situation the country faces by having two presidents. But this is not the point, this is not the question I and another guy have adressed to in our posts. We were just and only guessing on which brazilian characters, historical ones, could possibily be mentioned during the OC. Some pages before that you can see two or three posts in which we mentioned some of them. Zumbi included.
  11. Debora's speech: "“I had never worked with so many people…But it doesn´t scare me. On the contrary, I love people. Working with people is the way we have to be different, because each person is different. We have huge segments, for example the one we call “Metropolises Geometrization”. This segment talks about the occupation of this place. Who lived here? The Indians. And, then, how did people arrive here? Who came here? Portuguese people, European people. And after that, who else came in? Then we talk about the occupation of this place. The work of the volunteers is very important for we have so many groups, Asian people, Arab people, European people, the Indigenous…Working with volunteers is inspiring for me, because, sometimes you are in a box. Professional dancers, they do everything just right. And sometimes, sometime it is not, it is another way. I think they (the audience) can expect from me is, I brought in some researches. Some of them are new and I’m very proud of myself. There are so many new things I’ve been finding out here, totally unexpected ones. I think this is what is going to happen here. Can I tell? We are going to present the best Opening Ceremony in history.”
  12. I agree. But the as whole world knows almost nothing about Brazil too... I really think the same Her Imperial Highness, actually Her Royal and Imperial Highness. Another thing to show to the world: there is an Imperial Family in Brazil.
  13. I am wondering about the new moto presented by Rio: A New World. It has been said the OC will have an emphasis on some current world issues like immigration, diversity and things like that. Someone has said the OC will deal with these subjects or try to do that meanwhile showing Brazil's history. Should we expect any refferences to characters like Iracema and Martim, Princess Isabel and Zumbi? Also, is it likely to talk about let's say Garibaldi and Anita, Estácio de Sá and Araribóia?
  14. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/27/f4/16/27f416d7b90165cb5d0a78829798309d.jpg
  15. "Parade of Athletes: The parade of the athletes is the next required element of protocol and Olympic tradition. At the Olympic Games, the athletes enter the stadium after the artistic programme and remain in the centre of the field. In the Olympic Winter Games, the athletes march is near the beginning of the ceremony, and take seats reserved for them in the audience". JMark, I think the mandatory part of the document is the one pointed out in blue. The paragraph belongs to a larger text that talks about "Key Milestones", "Relationships", "Required Elements and Protocol" and "Recommendations", The quotation I've marked in blue appears in the third category. When we go the "Recomendations", it reads: " When planning the athlete’s march try to limit the segment to 45 minutes or less for the Olympic Winter Games, and two hours or less for the Summer Olympic Games... Other time-cutting measures may be considered with prior IOC approval." So, do you think there would be a space for an agreement on a "time-cutting measure", such as reducing the number of athletes in the parade, for example? Or, once they have come in and the solemn oath is recited, culdn't they stay elsewhere if there is a resoned argument presented by Rio team?
  16. Probably. It's an international event, half of the worlf popullation is going to watch it, including some countries where some kinds of clothes are considered inappropriate or offensive. For sure, the IOC has guided the guys in issues like this one.
  17. I couldn´t find the video you mentioned. But I think Maracanã doesn't have the structural features needed to do something similar to what is shown in these pictures. Of course, they will find an appropriate solution for their plans. They don´t lack creativity. But creativity is something, miracle is another one.
  18. 1- Where on Earth have I said I like this guy? I hate this tropicalia stuff as much as I hate leftism. Let him sing the Anthem in his house's bathroom. 2- I really don't care about who is going to be booed in Maracanã. I am sure that both Dilma AND Temer will be booed if they are there. 3- BTW, the OC is a show for outsiders, not for insiders. IMO, a very humble one, most tickets have probabily been sold to foreigners. If it is the case, they won´t have any kind of problem by mentally relating this song with whatever it can possibly be related with by an average brazilian.
  19. I fully agree. Dilma AND Temer, oh boy, that would be too much. The booing crowd would be heard on Moon.
  20. By the way, where is the guy who has a picture of Dilma in his profile? Has he been impechead too?
  21. Rio de Janeiro's Archbishop Dom Orani Tempesta in Santa Teresa, during a gunfire today. http://oglobo.globo.com/rio/video-mostra-momento-em-que-dom-orani-se-protege-de-tiroteio-em-santa-teresa-19480302
  22. Well, Brazil has an Anthem, no matter you like it or not. I'm among those who think it is very beautiful. And guess what, when I hear it - as most people - i do not think about the president. Two different things. Most time they don't match. About Brazilian Presidents being booed in Maracanã, kind of normal stuff. President Geisel - a dictator - was the only one Maracanã received in silence. Let Dilma come in! The World will never forget this.
  23. I think, they'd better having an orchestra and a choir. The Btazilian Anthem doesn't fit with to soloist performance. The only one who succeed in doing so was Fafa de Belém, but we all know in which circumtances. Even Garrincha's Mistress, despite her remarkable voice, was not fit to the anthem. 2007 Pan Am Games OC looked like a basketball match, when it came to the Anthen.
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