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  1. It is interesting, you see, because it seems the only ones that do not accept criticism here are Brazilians. And people here criticize everything from everywhere. I see no sin in beig part of what call middle-class. I'm a middle-class guy because of my personnal efforts, because I studied a lot to have a reasonable economic condition. I do not bow for anyone but for those who know more than I do. About Caetano Veloso, it's my opinion. As much as I am aware, I'm not forbidden to have opinions. Your problems with Baron - or with whoever else -should be solved with him, not with me. I do not agree with Barons opinions in most cases but he has the right to express whatever he thinks. Its just a forum, itsn't it?
  2. Thinking wheter I'm going to waste time to reply or not to your post. I just meant to greeeeeeeeeeeeet you, my friend.However, it seems you are toooooooo smart to stay in this forum. I keep what I meant, anyway. Why this guy? So old-fashioned.
  3. Exactly. Excitement and anticipation. People have started realizing the games are close. You can feel it. I thought you had been impeached too. :D Glad you are here again. The same does not apply to Mme. Rousseff, though.
  4. Projections, once again. Who is this guy? You are welcome. Yeah. Nothing new, nothing relevant. Just to let people know what was said.
  5. (Anchor)And the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics at the Maracanã? It is in the final stretch, lots of trials, a lot of expectation and secrecy. Total mystery. (Reporter)It was born to be a temple of football and has again attracted the eyes of the world because it is getting dressed for an unforgettable party. Since the Maracanã was closed for the Olympics, it became a fortress. One of the biggest challenges of the Organizer Committee is to hide what is being prepared in there to enchant the world. On 5 August, the football leaves the stage and the Brazilian culture enters the field. What is beyond that door is a great mystery. (Abel Gomes) We are here with a scenography of over 10,000 square meters. A scenography that is all changing. (Reporter) To keep the secret, even the airspace of Maracanã is restricted. This is the closest our lenses can get. If the Beijing Opening Ceremony in 2008 impressed by costliness and London in 2012 by technology, the Brazilian party bet in another way. (Abel Gomes) It is a more analog show, so to speak. I think, it touches the heart in a deeper way. The concept is to show a beautiful, modern and elegant Brazil. (Third Man) It has no stereotype. It is something Brazilians will be proud of. (Reporter)As about 5,000 volunteers chosen in auditions and professional artists rehearse, laborers work at a frenetic pace. In the headquarters, where everything is created, professionals of twenty nationalities, 90% of Brazilians, take care of every detail. (Third Man) We have costumes being made out of Brazil, costumes being made right here at Maracanã, and in Samba Schools. So, we have a little of everything. (Reporter)Into a month, the world will rediscover Brazil in this huge theater named Maracanã.
  6. It can´t be the official song! You gtta be kidding me. Hopefully, the OC will not be like this. It´s ridiculous! How on Eartn can a city bid for the SOG and choose THIS as the official song?
  7. Beautiful! It is funny, because you seem to be so careful. Is it Deodoro?
  8. Well, Ikarus, maybe you are right. You see, we've been so exposed to our negative points that we came to forget the good ones. And the country is simply fantasttic, our people - and I mean those of the lowest social leves - is unbeatable in facing difficulties, in facing every challenge they are put to. We are a great people. I'm sure the OC will be successful in showing our country and our nation the way they are. The wat we are.
  9. Well, JMark Snow2012, Most of Brazilian movie directors are a disaster. It seems they want to reinvent the wheel. They act as if they were writing a letter to mankind in each scene. Few of them could be considered good movie makers. Do not expect too much.
  10. I can't agree with you, Anthony. Had you sad that London OC was a way behind the expectation, then, I would say, yes, for sure it was. They could have presented a really great OC. But, when it comes to the movies, they surpassed any expectation. Unforgetable ones.
  11. Does anyone have the link to this week's edition of Veja? Can´t find it. It brings useful info to shed light on th OC.
  12. Well, Baron, I goona feel amazingly surprised if they have hidden the existance of one or more tunnels from public. Well, that would be great if they had tunnels there because they would have more possibilities to create and perform their ideas, their concepts, like the ine Geometrization bla bla bla...
  13. No tunnel like leading to the center of the field. In Atlanat they had one. That one everything was connected to.
  14. Those are the tunnels Maracanã has. These I know, they exist. I've been there. BUt no tunnel like that one used in Atlanat.
  15. Yeah. This made me remind some statements I read some time ago here on GB, that said Maracanã's new coverage was too fragile, it cuoldn´t support any weight, things like that. Well, as I read at the time of the reform, it was said that the coverage has the capacity to support up to 45 tons. Please, correct me if I´m mistaken.
  16. Good ones. I have the feeling that they won´t forget Lars Grael. You see, for all he is and has suffered, it is hard to find someone worthier than him. One may say it is not the Paralympics OC, but his career wasn't in paralympics too.
  17. I don´t think so, Baron. Pelé is not an Olympian and he has already taken part of the handover in London. That would be more of the same.
  18. Yeah. Beijing Games Opening Ceremony was impressive by the grand scale everything was thought and done. There were unbelievable things happening throughout the whole ceremony. However, the scale Beijing used had two side. If it managed to draw everyone´s attention by magnificence, on the other hand, the OC seemed overwhelming, too technical and - let´s not forget the little girl - fake. In 2012, it seems there was a choice for something simpler with regard to the massive use of technology. It seems, they chose a more humanistic approach of the country's history. They succeed. But, IMO, no OC was able to overshadow Barcelona.
  19. Well, what a small group! http://www.wsj.com/articles/new-plan-to-fix-brazils-royal-mess-restore-the-monarchy-1466187675
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