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  1. I know this is not the question here. But I would like to share some thoughts. I think there's no room to ask whether Rio de Janeiro was successful in hosting the Games or not. The answer was given: there were problems (as in every previous editions) but the result was positive. I remember the months and weeks prior to the Games. Newspapers all around the world predicted a catastrophe in Rio: Zika virus was an invincible threat; the facilities would not be ready; the domestic political crisis would exacerbate the financial crisis which, in its turn, would make it impossible to carry out much of what was planned; the terror threat was a shadow hanging over the Games; the public transportation infrastructure would not meet the demand. None of this was confirmed. The problems we could see were not large-scale ones when compared with the pessimistic forecasts. In my view, the challenge that arises now is another. Are the Games sustainable, in the way they have been planned? Is there the possibility of continuing to organize them in the same way they have been done? The dimension of Games needs to be revised. No city in the world will be able to meet the ever increasing demands of logistics, for example. During the Games, I had the opportunity to talk to people from different countries. The vast majority of them - including people from Paris, Rome, Boston and Los Angeles - is convinced that their cities will face serious problems with high costs to host the SOG circus. Cost have risen too much, they said. Despite the enchantment with the possibility of hosting the Games, they people recognize that the burden can be too heavy and they do not see a healthy accounting relationship between costs and benefits in hosting the Games. Of course, Rio’s parallel investments were higher than they would have been in those cities I mentioned, since Rio de Janeiro was a way deficient in its infrastructure. But yet, undoubtedly,no matter where they take place, the Games will demand billions and billions from the coffers of the hosting cities. I do not know which shape the Games should take. The Japanese people will certainly face this problem. And I think they will be able, at least, to indicate which paths are not to follow. Good Luck, Tokyo! Good luck, Olympics!
  2. It was said NZL performed the HAKA during this Ceremony. Is it true? If it is so, where can I find the video? Thank you!
  3. The cauldron at Candelária is a replica of that one inside the stadium. It's going to be lit into 15 to 20 minutes. A 14 years old boy is goingo to lit it. This boy was a homeless one.
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