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  1. I know this is not the question here. But I would like to share some thoughts. I think there's no room to ask whether Rio de Janeiro was successful in hosting the Games or not. The answer was given: there were problems (as in every previous editions) but the result was positive. I remember the months and weeks prior to the Games. Newspapers all around the world predicted a catastrophe in Rio: Zika virus was an invincible threat; the facilities would not be ready; the domestic political crisis would exacerbate the financial crisis which, in its turn, would make it impossible to carry out m
  2. It was said NZL performed the HAKA during this Ceremony. Is it true? If it is so, where can I find the video? Thank you!
  3. The cauldron at Candelária is a replica of that one inside the stadium. It's going to be lit into 15 to 20 minutes. A 14 years old boy is goingo to lit it. This boy was a homeless one.
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