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  1. Yep, she's amazing and Brazilians know that. On the 2008 Olympic's golden match, she did a hundred saves against Brazil. It was incredible. As long as this heckle thing keeps on the funny side, that's fair game.
  2. First of all, Hope Solo is a very good player, but she usually say controversial things because she loves the attention, marketing and stuff. She has the right to say controversial things; people has the right to boo her. Also, this usually happen all over the world. French crowd behaves the same way during tennis matches on the French Open. The crowd didn't say bad words to her: people were just making fun of her remarks. That's legit and it was funny as hell.
  3. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/early-lead/wp/2016/08/03/hope-solo-booed-by-brazilian-fans-at-olympics-over-zika-comments/ This was HILARIOUS! Hahahahahaha
  4. Hope Solo was booed throught the match New Zealand v USA at Belo Horizonte. Everytime she was kicking the ball, people screamed "ZIKAAAAA". Close to the end of the game, the crowd was chanting "OLE OLE OLE OLA ZIKAAA ZIKAAA ". Pretty funny stuff! Hahaha
  5. "We had a problem with the supplier. They're late. Some of the Look fo the Games will be installed later. We have a task force. We're working 24 hours. Some things will be installed later," said the operationals director of the Organizing Committee of Rio-2016. The material came late to the country, imported from Eastern Europe for economy, and therefore being last minute placed on the venues. The Committee also believes that everything will be ready.
  6. This new Globo TV scoring for the Olympics is awesome.
  7. But on the gymnastics venue, they'll finish to put more of the look of the games after the podium trainings. It was the same at the Test Event.
  8. Maria Lenk Aquatics Rio Olympics Arena Carioca Arena 2
  9. Today, OBS was installing a cable camera on that tall iron structure on the right side of the Beach Volleyball Arena.
  10. Today was the first operational day of the line 4, just for the Olympic family. It took 14 minutes from General Osorio to Jardim Oceanico. On August 5th will be the opening for spectators. You have to show the Games' tickets and the special transportation card.
  11. This new line is basically for venues at Barra, like the Olympic Park, Riocentro and Golf. You should get off on the final station, Jardim Oceanico, and take the respective BRT line (bus rapid transit).
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