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  1. How easy do you think it will be to get from the Olympic Park to Riocentro? I have a few days where I have events in both venues, and will need to transfer between them. I can't really tell if there are sidewalks or pedestrian paths between the two venues. I sketched out what I thought would be a likely path from the Olympic Arena to Riocentro in google maps, and it comes out to around 1.7 miles, so I'm figuring 45 minutes to walk between the two venues given crowds and whatnot - does that sound about right? Or, if there are no pedestrian thoroughfares, I guess I'd have to take the bus between stations?
  2. Cosport just added a bunch of tickets to their website for the U.S. Act fast!
  3. danM, How did you become aware of the ticket availability? I check Cosport every day, but just once around noon. Is there a particular time to check? Are there automated notifications I can set? Or, should one simply check fairly often and hope to get lucky? Thanks.
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