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  1. As a huge JRPG nerd, the parade track list was way too short. Couldn't they have secured more music? In the end, with the creative direction passing hands so many times, it seems no one wanted to take ownership. Everything just felt phoned in. I am so disappointed in Japan.
  2. I said this 5 years ago and really hate the fact that some of it came true.
  3. So what ever happened to the music piece in this promo? I've been waiting for YEARS to know the name of the composition and the artist behind it, but I've officially given up realizing it was forever scrapped along with the original motif and logo.
  4. You never stopped being a terrible poster on here, I see.
  5. It was the most apathetic ceremony I'd ever seen, even considering the circumstances. It was ****.
  6. Russia will remain wholly banned. Why would that be any different?
  7. Ironic that the games that had to be postponed were the ones that were actually ready to be on time.
  8. The postponement is an opportunity to rethink whatever was planned for the opening ceremony, and hopefully we'll see something relevant to the pandemic, and an informal declaration of "victory" over the virus in the ceremony of 2021. You can bet the last thing I want to see is yet another dated message about nuclear proliferation. Especially when the idea is always so mistakenly extrapolated to nuclear energy generation, which will always be necessary to have.
  9. There is no "lockdown" or declared state of emergency in Tokyo.
  10. I wonder what NBC would say about a Fall olympics.
  11. Abe will make a declaration on the 13th about things going forward, we will have a much better idea of what measures take place in the coming months. He should have authority to declare state of emergency at this point.
  12. They can only show so much in a ceremony. And in the case of Japan, there's so much to work with. I myself got treated to Ainu folk performances while in Hokkaido. Also, my attention was brought to the Golden Kamui manga at the place I was staying. There is a lot of appreciation for Ainu culture in Northern Japan. So maybe they can save it for when the Winter olympics return to Sapporo.
  13. I had a good look at the official merch featuring characters, and I started to question if everything being used to highlight the pop culture is intended to have a worldwide appeal, or just things the Japanese will recognize while the rest of us are scratching our heads.
  14. Downright farcical. I wonder what bullshit excuse they come up in 2032 to make the US march last. For now, IOC has ruined spirit of the parade is ruined and I can't think of a worse disrespect to foreign languages and their alphabets.
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