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  1. Ahh. The optimism is killing my eyes!!! I can't see the truth from the sea of optimism!!! Stop it, please stop it!!! (End sarcasm)
  2. Unfortunately, I can't see Auckland can host without a lot of temporary arenas. While cheap, they have almost no post game legacy and are still quite expensive ($70m in London).
  3. LA may be North Americas main bid now. Toronto's opposition is build traction and their website (NoTO2024.ca) isn't filled with crap like Boston. Remember 61% is just after a pan am games and the number's only gonna drop.
  4. You said it better then I could! The more they differentiate themselves from 84, America and commercialism the better the chance they have at winning. Like they're not gonna have great odds if they call their bid the oLAmpics, cover the hall in red white and blue while giving everyone flashbacks on how their velodrome was called the 7-11 Velodrome all from the mouth of Donald Trump are they now.
  5. I think if LA position themselves as an international games while keeping it humble, they have a good chance of winning the bid.
  6. You lost your credibility in my eyes when you said three lines. Three week party, Corrupt and 20 billion dollars. There all completely wrong for different reasons.
  7. There is so much pessimism for any bid other then Paris that it is looking ridiculous. Sure, Paris is the sure favourite, but looking at a bid pattern from 1921 and saying it is proof that Paris should win the vote is crazy.
  8. Sorry athensfan, but it is still a race. Although even I believe that Paris has the best chances, it's never over until we all know it's over. I don't believe Paris has already won, and I'm sure many other people believe the same thing. Therefore, by my (*insert adjective here*) logic, the race is not over.
  9. I don't think Brisbane should host for the same reason as everybody else has said. Not enough venues, to far spread out. Melbourne and Sydney are much better options, but I think Melbourne has the upper hand due to not having hosted since '56, having the Athletics stadium already built and a lot of venues already in place to fit in with Agenda 2020. While Sydney does have it great precinct, almost all of the stadiums would been the same and Stadium Australia would've have to have huge upgrades to host the Olympics again
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