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  1. Nailed it on the head. There's never a sure way to count the cost of the games. As you can see in my earlier post about cost, even when you simplify it is still confusing. Just because some cities spend 10 billion on the games, doesn't mean all cities will. Unless the U.S. dollar inflates by a lot and every possible bad thing happens, the games won't cost 10 billion dollars.
  2. If it costs 5 billion for everything in the games; and you get back 4.8 billion, doesn't that mean it costed 200 million? And that 200 million that LA would spend will get them a renovated stadium, sporting facilities and 3,500 units. Doesn't seem like to bad of a trade off for me.
  3. I think many people underestimate the success of the games in Sydney. In Sydney most of the venues had a good use 5 years after the games. And to baron, I'm sorry about that post. I tried to explain a really difficult concept and I was half asleep. Never gonna end well.
  4. I think all the "three week party" bit of the Olympics is now profitibale. If you're making 4.2 billion on the Olympics and all the stuff that will not remain after the Olympics or is just there for the Olympics costs 3.9 billion, you made a profit in my eyes. If the village, stadiums and arenas turn a profit after the Olympics, even if they costed 1.5 billion, you have a profitibale Olympics. If they have a horrible legacy, and remain unused after the Olympics, the games probably didn't turn a profit.
  5. I think both Sydney and too have equally great harbours. *Rio(not "too")
  6. I'm going to make a really controversial statement here. Don't kill me. I have fact checked it, although it could be wrong. Durban does not have the amount of sporting infrastructure required to host the games without lots of construction Eveb though I checked them as much I could, this is self-made so I probably have made some mistakes. Has: Olympic stadium, one arena, convention centre (about 5 arenas) water polo arena (kings park). Needs: 5-6 more arenas, swimming stadium, velodrome, tennis centre. Although I will say that it has everything else going for it and their stadium is Top Notch.
  7. This ain't the IOC's decision. It's the TOCOG and Japan's.
  8. I probably should rephrase myself. Even though I just did speculate, I don't like speculating 2 bids in advance mainly because we can only go up to rough continents. Sure, Casablanca have announced they're bidding and a few other countries have aswell, but these can change very easily. I mean speculating on a bid being decided in 2021 isn't gonna be that accurate. And you're right, I do need to do some tea leaf reading. And this thread has gone really off-topic.
  9. Rio is the portugese word for river. They thought Guanabara bay was a river so they called it Rio de Janeiro. Obviously it must've been a lot less polluted if they thought it was a river.
  10. Durban (or any South African city) has a big draw card with it being in Africa and not having a bad economy (which pretty much constitutes not being a 3rd world country). But I think a lot of people here just assume that the games will go to SA, without much information on it. I'd really like to see some plans for Durban, Cape Town and Johanessburg. But I've counted to many times the phrase "2028 will go Durban" has been written without much proof. And to answer your question, I think the loser continent of 2024 (North America/Europe) will bid as well as a few Asian cities. Throw in some wild shits and a doomed Brisbane bid and you've got a good race. But I think speculating before the bid before has ended is pointless, because so much can change in so much time. Whoops, spelt wild shots wrong. Sorry (kinda funny though).
  11. Why does everybody love Durban on these forums? Has anyone done a great analysis on it or are we all just assuming that the Africa card will win it for them?
  12. We are talking about the chance of pollution in a bay, and you show somebody pissing on a tree. We all know that the media is overreacting, and that the bay will be fine by 2016, but we're just saying they need to clean up their bay a bit more.
  13. And now, we start attacking other countries with low humour. What a wonderful place.
  14. I WAS THINKING THE EXACT SAME THING!!!!!!!! (sorry if I broke any rule relating to caps locks but I was just too excited)
  15. Yeah, I thought at the start that it was just the media being the media, but I do think rio officials might have to clean up their bay more before sailing takes place their. It will be fine by the games. Take everything with a grain of salt.
  16. I was trying to make a joke. Like most of mine, it fell flat.
  17. The 2022 electronic bid thing failure
  18. I really hate the flower blossoms and fans for Tokyo. That's not what Japan is now. The Olympic Games can be used to rebrand a city or country. Tokyo is making their logo a representation of a new Japan. An industrialised Japan.
  19. I'm sure what one man says about the 2024 bid will control the IOC decision (unless he hacks the system like earlier this year)
  20. If I'm correct by 2024 2 stadiums will have hosted the ceremonies but not the Athletics. IMO having another 80,000 seater to host the football in your city will not win the bid. I don't even now if it helps it.
  21. I'd only renovate the coliseum if it where to be used by an NFL afterwards.
  22. You need about 10-11 indoor arenas (including convention centre) to host the Olympics, along with a velodrome, aquatic centre and an athletic stadium. All the other venues are pretty easy in cost.
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