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  1. Is it just me or does the "to be built in 2033" looks like there are several years of meandering involved? 18 years seems like a long time for almost any project.
  2. I 100% agree with you. They abandon every rule relating to logo design and you can't even tell that these are part of tokyos design culture, aswell as being so drastically different to the logo itself.
  3. I looked back a few pages and I have to say most of the arguments on both sides are genuinely stupid and based on horrible logic. Some of the posts are so one-sided that it's almost embarrassing to know that the people who posted them know stuff about the games. I'm not gonna go and point them out, but just factcheck posts in your mind before you post a post that is blinded by hatred.
  4. The IOC as a body treats the Americas as one because a guys in 1896 said there would be five rings instead of six. The IOC doesn't vote. Members of it do. And almost everybody in the world thinks that North America shouldn't be out with the south just to make facts sound better.
  5. I'm pretty sure Tokyo chose these five sports to be in the games. No Shortlist, the IOC just has to say yes (which they almost definitely will) and they're in.
  6. Stadium Australia, in all its beauty, does have big gaps at then ends. Have yet to seen a stadium that does athletics to football perfectly, but SA and Stade de France do some pretty good jobs of it.
  7. While I said the bid is not going to be won or lost on sporting infrastructure, LA does have slightly better venues. Paris does have a lot of small rugby and football grounds, which unfortunately don't make a difference in the bid. Paris lacks the many large indoor arenas that LA has, but I'm sure their is a huge market to build the roughly 2 indoor arenas Paris needs for 2024.
  8. I'm sure Paris can do well with 2 more arenas
  9. Paris or La are not going to win the bid on their venues. While Paris might have to build a bit more then LA, I can't see any IOC member having their vote influenced on this matter.
  10. Do you have any ideas on what LA could improve on for 2028?
  11. What's this laying-groundwork/dry-run your talking about. Who said you can't win on your first try. And more specifically, why? If your smart enough, your first try is good enough to get through.
  12. Germany have an abundance of ready built stadiums for the Euro's. Most would need roughly 9 days to take of branding and apply the euro logos. It's not like Turkey which would have to build heaps of infrastructure for both-a hard task for the country
  13. There are some people who I fell are blowing the "Europe" factor completely out of proportion and saying LA will come last because of it. Then some people doing the polar opposite. There is a middle ground.
  14. It's official http://www.cbc.ca/m/news/canada/toronto/olympics-toronto-bid-tory-1.3228434
  15. I agree with you except with LA. Paris......LA......Hamburg................Budapest Rome (Please format right) Sorry-don't look at the chart above Paris......LA......Hamburg................Budapest ...................................Rome........
  16. Isn't a bit far to say Rome and Hamburg have a better chance then LA just because of them being in Europe.
  17. Boston's opposition is what sunk the bid though and Toronto's opposition is inspired by Boston.
  18. Politics takes presence over sport, unless sport becomes politics.
  19. Baron being blatantly offensive, never would of thought it!
  20. I think I didn't really hate the logo mainly because it was so safe. If you were someone who really only watched the big events, and you only saw the logo a few times, you wouldn't really notice it and think of what a bad logo that is, like London's. But for an Olympic Games, it was to meh to like. I think to make a logo great you have to make it your own, personalise it so that everybody knows where you are. Look at Beijing, Rio, Athens and Sydney's logos. You can look at them and say "that's Brazil/China/Australia/Greece". And the only logo in recent history that hasn't done that is London's the most hated logo in Olympic and Paralympic History. Where can I look at Tokyo's and say "that's Japan"? Maybe they wanted to show a new Japan, but they probably should not use a logo that's like and similar to ones in Europe, Asia and Australia.
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