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  1. If you give Paris the games because of the attack, you are forgetting the attacks on Beirut, Kenya, Nigeria, Metrojet and all the other places that have been bombed by ISIS. I care and feel love as much as everybody else on this matter, but I dislike when other terrorist attacks are ingnored and Paris's is made far bigger then any other attacks.
  2. Stole my words.I liked LA as an underdog trying to make the games financial again and that's why I went for them, but now I fully go for Paris. The attacks have changed my view on how comforting a city can be.
  3. Saw that on the tellie the other day.I love the fact that people living in Melbourne have the Helenski and London ('48) medals, the two games before the '56 games.
  4. Everybody start searching the hell out of Cole Porter.
  5. Hearing from other reports and NOT my own experience, apparently their are many parts of the city that need renewal.
  6. Personally, I think this is a good thing. There are a lot of seats at the back of the stadium that aren't used. I think that a capacity of 70,000 is very realistic. I think the roof will be added during the season after the VIP seats are added because it is a roof and roof renovations to existing bowls usually allow games to be played in the stadium.
  7. Posted this on my SSC account, might aswell repost it here: Stage one of the plan is to build the VIP Facilities with the universities private funds. Stage two is dependent on if their is an LA Olympics. It involves pretty much roofing all or nearly all (peristyle could be an exception) of the stadium. By the looks of it, this is what LA 2024 had planned all along.
  8. I think LA has a far bigger youth appeal then Paris.
  9. See Hampden Park, which had a 1 million dollar track laid before the games that can be removed afterwards. And in terms of an OG 1million is absolutely nothing.
  10. I've done my research.London, the most recent Olympic host had 11 indoor arenas (which are all indoor-sport arenas and all convention centre arenas, excluding velodrome and aquatics centres which have different venue requirements) which are the most expensive part of any bid. Rio has the same amount of arenas. The Los Angeles bid has 14 indoor arenas, almost half are around 18k. Again pretty much false.The only thing Los Angeles will need to build is a renovated velodrome. Every single sport will take place in a stadium that is perfect for it besides the already mention hockey and fencing. Fencing has its own 4-thousand seat venue for the first stage of the competition but the bid uses the iconic Microsoft Theater for the finals because of its international appeal. All other venues (including the soccer stadium) will be perfect for the games and almost all do not need expansion or renovation. Besides the Aquatics stadium, the most repurposing you'll see is the change of a basketball venue to a handball venue or gymnastics venue. I'm sorry to be harsh but really? They've got 9 years to finalise plans for an upgrade to a stadium. And they get 500m of government funding for free. If they don't pay this 300m they lose 500m in upgrades.
  11. I do agree with this. There are many people who see Durban as a city that could win the bid tomorrow. That is what the post was for. But there are many people, like you and me, who see Durban as a city that does need some work to host the Olympics, but if they did they would host a great one.
  12. Kazan's was a bit messy and did not have a diving arena
  13. Los Angeles has so many arena's that they do not need to build anything. Almost every arena is 10k+, with most at 18k+. It has been noted that there are still some 18k+ arenas that haven't been picked for the Olympics because their are too many. The only reason for a move to Sacramento would be for a boost to state-wide poll numbers. Talking about the swimming arena, it is a new deal and not many details have come out yet. I did some calculations and while a soccer pitch is too big for a swimming pool. With added seats it is doable. As for the hockey arena, they will probably change it at a later date.
  14. First of all, sorry for that last line in my post. I thought I had deleted it but it had dropped a line. Secondly, stop stating the obvious. It's really annoying and obnoxious
  15. Durban is not this fantasy land that some of us think that could host the games tomorrow. It really only has an Olympic stadium, convention centre, water polo arena and one indoor arena. Almost every city in the world above 4 million has all of these bar the stadium. If not for the Olympic stadium, Durban would have no chance at winning the games. But they do have a huge advantage because of their location, country, weather, international airport and, as said before, Olympic stadium. They could win it, but would have to have a huge budget to get all the infrastructure ready for the games.
  16. I think you can do agenda 2020 with 5 mil cities, you just gotta be smart. My city probably could.
  17. Sometimes I think FIFA aren't a horrible organisation, that they aren't that bad. And then I look at the IOC, which has done 2 major reforms in the last 25 years to solve problems as the rise up FIFA has not changed a thing despite blantant bribery in the past 25 years.
  18. The city that I live in is not greatly known, but it could easily host the Olympics. Already much used Olympic stadium would be forefront of the bid, with a whole sporting precint already developed independently from the Olympics. On an unrelated note: anyone wanna guess my city?
  19. My thoughts on Hamburg: A-In Europe (Positive) B-In Gemrnay (Positive) C-Pretty good bid plan (Positive) D-Has a positive looking-legacy, but an expensive one where sports doesn't always benefit(Mutual) E-pretty small compared to Paris and LA (Negative) F-Not a well known city (negative) G-Very small amount of existing venues, especial indoor venues and Olympic stadium
  20. 18 years is still waaaayy to long for housing blocks that (I'm guessing) Will not have much parliamentary funding.
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