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  1. Or it tied and they didn't want to admit it.

    You might be on to something. They did say there would be a second ballot in the case of a tie in the first round.

    30 minutes till hell ends.

    I though the President voted at the start of each session and gave his tablet back with the instructions to count his vote if necessary.

    No he does not vote. Period.

  2. Woah, reading through this is making me wish I'd watched the presentations - seems like a two-horse race makes diplomacy fly out the door :lol:

    Is it really gonna be a paper-ballot vote? Why?

    Some sort of electrical interference with the tablets was picked up by the vote scrutineers. Perhaps votes submitted with no choice recorded or something? Who knows.

  3. After 2018 and 2020 race, did people still thinking the presentations are breaking/making of the voting process? It could help with some doubters, but most of the IOC voters have the conceived idea of which one is voting. I can bet $10 bucks 90% of the IOC members have their favorite before entering in the hall.

    That may be the case but if it's a close vote that 10% could be HUGE! We've seen some close votes over the years.

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