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  1. You might be on to something. They did say there would be a second ballot in the case of a tie in the first round. No he does not vote. Period.
  2. Some sort of electrical interference with the tablets was picked up by the vote scrutineers. Perhaps votes submitted with no choice recorded or something? Who knows.
  3. 10 votes wouldn't really be "crushing"...in fact I'd expect most experts to be surprised by that result.
  4. Why suspend the broadcast for the test vote and resume for the real one? Perhaps not to confuse world media who might be simulcasting?
  5. As much as I think Almaty deserves to win this for their superior bid and presentation, I feel their work today will only help them lose by less than 30 votes instead of 30+. Here comes all the tech checks and inevitable voting issues and mic problems
  6. That may be the case but if it's a close vote that 10% could be HUGE! We've seen some close votes over the years.
  7. It's almost always just one question and it's almost always an environmental question from Prince Albert. His question seemed to be tougher on Beijing than Almaty in this case though...
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