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  1. Hi all! It was thrilling to read all 41 pages discussion over Almaty bid...and Kazakhstan...I don't know what is the exact reason but I noticed that in major western media there is a trend to focus only on negative side of "unknown" or "small" countries...Here I've witnessed that according to some representatives of Western countries: - Islamic countries should not participate in Winter Olympics... - Gay rights are the most important, forget about the rest - Unknown countries should remain unknown. Another repetitive expression "but it's in ..Kazakhstan", so what is wrong with Kazakhstan? ...I hope the only reason is Kazakhstan is not member of IOC. But FYI: - There are more than 120 different ethical groups living in KZ including 3.5 mln Russian, .5 mln Ukrainians, 200k Germans, more than 100K Koreans, 50k Polish etc. - Yes - over 60% Muslims, 25% Russian orthodox, and other minorities. BTW If you say something against the government nobody will shoot you, but there is a risk to get in jail. So it's not worse than in China. Coming back to Almaty VS Beijing, let me list some facts and concerns: - yes we have Nazarbayev ruling the Country more than 2 decades - political risk for 2022 - only half of the population is supporting Almaty bid the rest is against in KZ, while I heard Beijing is supported by more than 70% of the local population. - regarding experience you may add also World Expo 2017 (Astana) apart from Natural winter climate in Almaty and some experience in Winters sports - Almaty has significantly improved Transportation logistic infrastructure recent years: Almaty already introduced underground Metro transportation (functioning since last couple years) and will continue expanding it, Government announced a plan to extend existing Airport or build a New Airport terminal in Almaty... -regarding legacy in Olympic history we saw how small towns or cities hosted games, don't put Chinese population size as an argument: Almaty and surroundings already have 2 mln population, not mentioning neighboring countries (Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, West China) where winter sport is less developed. I believe one of the Mission of IOC is to promote Winter sport culture to remote location people across the world... So please don't try to abase Kazakhstan as a country (addressed to some of the participants here) trying to show your (or other countries) superiority. Be tolerant. As for me as a fan of sports if Almaty will win tomorrow I would be happy, but if it fails I would be happy too, and Majority of Kazakh people either. Cause recent days those who are against this Bid in Kazakhstan drastically outnumbered those who supports...just because of Oil Price crises...and Greece economics case ... So even for Kazakhstan "hello Beijing 2022" sounds better!
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