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  1. I Am So! I Have Had Enough Of You Not Supporting Me! Ever Since Dad Left You Have Blamed Me For Everything. Take Your Meds.
  2. You Need To Stop Annoying My Brother Now thatsnotmypuppy - He Will Get Angry!
  3. Durban Won The Commonwealth Games For 2022. You Are Confused.
  4. I Will Not Put Up With This! You Must Be Fired From This Site.
  5. Not Everyone Is As Up To Date As You. Stop Trying To Make Me Feel Unwelcome. I Will Report You For Bullying.
  6. The Logo Is Unimportant When thatsnotmypuppy Called My Best Online American Friend A Troll.
  7. Yes thatsnotmypuppy. You Smell And Probably Have Very Few Friends.
  8. I Support TeamBlakeUSA. We Are New Here And Demand To Be Treated Like Gods. Despite Our Every Thread Being Garbage And The Fact It Is Obvious Neither One Of Us Is From The USA.
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