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  1. I Wonder If Beijing's Opening Ceremony Will Be In English As Well As Chinese. My Chinese Comprehension Is Bad.
  2. I ExpectcBeijing Will Use Their 2008 Venues. Why Don't They Just Build A Mountain Closer To The Old 2008 Venues? Tiananmen Square Is Big Enough?
  3. We Were Evicted From Our House When Dad Moved To Albuquerque. It Was OK Though Because We Got A Puppy. Where Is Beijing? Brazil?
  4. I'd Like To Suggest Tulsa For 2024.
  5. 2020 Is In Tokyo. I Don't Know Where Agenda Is. Is That In France?
  6. Anything Can Happen If You Wish Hard Enough.
  7. The Mascot Might Be A Dog.
  8. If San Francisco Is Not An Option We Could Bid With Vancouver. They Have A Stadium And Other Venues.
  9. Will Munich Host The 2022 Games? I'll Post More Once I Can Confirm This.
  10. Stop Acting All Innocent! You Know What Needs To Be Done To Stop This Sillyness.
  11. I Am Offended!
  12. I Am Hotter But You Are Not My Father! He Is In New Mexico With The New Wife. He Will Not Take Your Mocking Well.
  13. This Is Insulting! My Dad Lives In Albuquerque And Is Not A Member Of This Forum.
  14. TeamBlikeUSA Is Not Our Mother!