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  1. Climate is also against them hosting a Summer Olympics. Their best shot would be a late October/begin November event.
  2. What about Vancouver? If Victoria is still interested, they could form a strong partnership.
  3. Considering that the race for 2028 will not start before 2019, the loser could be given the option to think about it and revise their for the coming two years. IOC members could be asked in Lima to vote on whether to give the loser this option or not. IOC would then have the power to "freeze" a bid and, after two years, decide whether to go ahead with it or start considering other candidates for 2028.
  4. Does this mean Calgary will not bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics? Or will Canada go for the double bill? Maybe Canada should take the opportunity to build a national stadium in Toronto and try to get the 2032 or 2036 Summer Olympics.
  5. I wonder whether we will ever see another European Winter Olympics in the coming years. Sion, Innsbruck and Stockholm could all fall apart. We could then already assign the next four olympics: Paris 2024 Calgary 2026 Los Angeles 2028 Sapporo 2030 Almaty would then become the ideal host for the next Winter Youth Olympics by following the statement that ""Youth Olympics should go to new places".
  6. I would like to have a solid bid from Switzerland for 2026 too see how IOC would respond to that. I would be a good test for Agenda 2020, I think.
  7. Is New York city FC (MLS) stadium still being discussed?
  8. The problem with the current bid process is that it eventually comes down to the vote of individual IOC members. That means they can choose any city they "fancy" at the moment no matter what their plans are. Now it looks like president Bach wants to fix these odd choices by introducing post-bids adjustment. Maybe they should scrap the voting system and let the executive board take control of how and where to organise the next games.
  9. It really feels like a "missed opportunity" for Almaty. Now with 3 consecutive games in Asia, it will be difficult for them to get a second chance anytime soon. Anyway it all depends on how Kazakhstan will develop as a country in the coming 10/15 years. In fact, despite liking their bid more than Beijing, I always thought the big question was going to be "where will Kazakhstan be in 7 years' time?" Clearly IOC members did not want to take that risk. However they stated they have a vision for Kazakhstan 2050 and if they keep doing well, I think they could host an olympics in the '30's or '40's.
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