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  1. Team France by Lacoste: Opening/closing ceremonies: Medal podium: Olympic Village: Accessories:
  2. I know a free concert is planned tomorrow on the Paris city hall plaza Yestarday was the unveiling of the Olympic rings on the esplanade of Trocadero in front of the Eiffel tower , but it's was short ceremony because of an heavy rain. The Olympic rings will stay until sunday, before to change for a new place
  3. The video of the medal has been poted on youtube, and by the description, it seem just to be a promotional medal "made for sharing" and not THE medal concept for the 2024 games.
  4. Nice concept, matching Paris bid motto "made for sharing" Baron-pierreIV has a good point too, but i think the majority of these additional medals will finish on ebay, some hours after be given to athletes.... For me it's just a promotional item to sell Paris's bid, i can't see athletes of 2024 with that around their neck !!
  5. Opening ceremony of the VIIIe jeux de la Francophonie, yesterday at Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire.
  6. What did you try to demonstrate with your stupid posts here and in another thread ?? 6 peoples say something bad about Paris, and so ? there are peoples who are against, is not a big surprise !! and only so few mesages is just the proof they are a minorities and your forgot. And your forgot to say that the paris 2024 tweet has more than 800 like. In short, cretin !!! like it or not, Paris will have the games. And to finish with a happy news, today Warren Barguil win the stage 13 of the tour de France, and it's the first frenchman since 2005 to win a stage on Bastille Day.
  7. Laura Flessel became today, the new minister of Sport. She is the french woman to have won the most olympics medals (5) in fancing (with épée) and was the France's flag-bearer at the 2012 olympic ceremony.
  8. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C_7xwcCVYAAfUNv.jpg:large Macron will go in Lima for support the Paris bids.
  9. How you know the french are against ?? because you read comments on articles about the games ?? you don't know that peoples against something are always the louder ones ? and your opinion is certainly as fake that this survey !! you proclam something without proofs !! Please don't make your opinion a general truth. I'm french and i really want the games, and for what i see around me, it's 70/30 for the yes.
  10. Would be a big surpise if this online petition can have more than 30.000 signatures, yesterday when gamesbids has publish this article, the petition, had 5200 signatures, nearly 24 hours after, there are only 100 signatures in more.
  11. I think it's important to say that most of the incidents was not located in Paris, except for the moths But agree with you, is not a triumph, but, we have the handball world cup in january 2017 for give better impression, even if, i know, it's not the same scale of popularity and mediatisation.
  12. The bid book: http://www.budapest2024bid.com/Budapest_2024_Candidature_File_Stage_1_EN.pdf
  13. Logo video: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3r7o7q_decouvrez-le-logo-de-paris-2024_news
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