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  1. thank you, I will try to contact Aosta tourist board even if I know it will be difficult to get the bid books by email. If you have other documents referred to these candidatures, or suggestions how to get the bid books, it will be extremely helpful as well ! have a nice weekend
  2. thank you p85 for torino's files !!! thatsnotmypuppy I already contacted them and I personally went to Rome last week to take a look at the documents they have available. Unfortunately they did not have any of them. A lady told me Rome 2024 committee probably borrowed them to have a look in sight of the future candidature, so I was not able to have them any other suggestion? I also contacted the IOC but they told me they only have recent bid books available online!
  3. Hi guys I am new here , but passionate about the Games as all of you are I would like to ask you if you can help me with my desperate research! I am looking for the extremely rare bid books of: - CORTINA 1956 - ROME 1960 - AOSTA 1998 - TORINO 2006 Whoever can help me and upload it here or send it to me, I swear I will put him/her in the letter of thanks in the intro of my Master Thesis. (this is not so tempting, but still ) Thank you very much in advance! Cheers, Charlie
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