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  1. List of the ATRs : http://www.rio2016.com/sites/default/files/users/rio2016_files/atrs_en.pdf Remember, citizen from an EU country... you are allowed to buy in any EU country !
  2. Hi Is there any list of official ATR already available ? Especially the european ones ;-) If not, please post any link when available for all ATRs we will find .....
  3. http://www.beijing-2022.cn/a/20150112/046255.htm
  4. I would love this writter will be right.... unfortunately I'm not sure :-(
  5. 2024 is the wrong battle !!! They should prepare and focus on 2028 ....
  6. This is great news for olympics' fans that are travelling to each of the Games. No need to plan to trip in a single year....
  7. Wih high speed train, this is around 3 hours, like the time to go From Paris to Marseille in TGV (780 km). For a Paris bid, we could imagine Paris having the main sports but Marseille hosting Sailing, Beach-Volley, Volley-Ball and some other events where it is nice to be outside near the sea and with sun : Marathon, Road Cycling and Mountain Bike ;-)
  8. French National Assembly approved this week a law according tax exemptions for UEFA EURO 2016 and all international events that would be elected before December 31st 2017 !!! Which means... it is including the 2024 Summer Olympic Games as the election is summer 2017 ;-)
  9. What cost savings.... to print & ship bid books represent 0.5% of a summer games bid !!!!
  10. Oh No! #IOC #Agenda2020 recommendation 3.3: "Publication of the Candidature File to be in electronic format only" Sad news for Collectors...
  11. The French President said that he is in "favor" a bid for 2024, which is slightly different of backing or supporting.... But yes, that first that shoukd the call of the Paris' mayor. He also confimed that Paris is officially bidding for the 2025 World Expo.
  12. Any bid book or bidding procedures for the 2019 European Games ??
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