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  1. Rastafounder

    Fcuk Cosport and the USOC!!!

    Dertour has announced that there will be a refund for RO and TE from Rio 2016
  2. Rastafounder

    Rio 2016: Transport and Mobility

    Bought Rio Card today at the Mega Store, Copacabana. Just in front of the entrance
  3. Rastafounder

    CAF encounters "Um Mundo Novo" (A New World)

    Yes, thats very helpful
  4. Rastafounder


    Can he tell us which company has the best value for a foreign visitors card ?
  5. Rastafounder


    Which Sim Card can the Cariocas recommend for foreign visitors ?
  6. Rastafounder

    Heineken Holland House in Rio

    But unfortunately the beach house is not the main club. Main club is in Barra and not open to public. Athletes will be there and not in Ipanema. Biggest chance to see athletes in person are at Swiss beach club and at Holland house.
  7. Rastafounder

    GamesBids members meeting in Rio ?

    Have a dinner invitation but will try to come later
  8. Rastafounder

    Heineken Holland House in Rio

    Some houses are open to public, some are not. There are three beach clubs at Ipanema / Leblon. Denmark and Germany at Ipanema beach, Switzerland at Lagoa beach. All three are open to public.
  9. Rastafounder

    Team Brazil

    Nice colours. What's availaible for the public ?
  10. Rastafounder

    Rio 2016 Tickets

    Really bad prices which you are offering. For example: AT005 A is much cheaper to buy official from the Rio 2016 website.
  11. it's close to the Sportsworld collection point.
  12. Rastafounder

    Rio 2016: Transport and Mobility

    Think everyone here is close to General Osorio Metro, R. Jangadeiros/ R. Visc. de Piraja for me. We should establish a meeting point for evenings, Irish pub ? close to the Metro station This one? http://shenanigans.com.br/en/
  13. Rastafounder

    Rio 2016: Transport and Mobility

    To Maracana take Linha 1 to SÃO FRANCISCO XAVIER, 35 minutes, and walk 1100 m from there
  14. Rastafounder

    Rio 2016 Olympic Park

    We will see who makes it