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    Rio 2016 Tickets

    What you've said is what my understanding was so I am not sure why my friend seems to think he cannot apply for tickets in the second draw, I'll check with him again, thanks.
  2. Pajee

    Rio 2016 Tickets

    Does anybody on here know the rules of the second round ticket lottery for Brazil residents - I asked a friend in Brazil who tried for tickets in the first round and managed to get some tickets if they could try for some tickets for me in the second round, my friend was happy to do this except he said he cannot apply in the second round since he got tickets in the first round - I re-call something similar for the London Olympics, can anybody confirm this is the case for Brazil ?
  3. Pajee

    Rio 2016 Tickets

    UK tickets released by CoSport
  4. Pajee

    Rio 2016 Tickets

    Anybody tried through Kingdom sports ?
  5. Pajee

    Rio 2016 Tickets

    Are UK residents able to apply through sportsworld ?
  6. Pajee

    Rio 2016 Tickets

    Hello All, Just joined the forum...based in the UK and haven't managed to get any tickets yet . I'm interested in men's hockey tickets - quarter finals, semi-finals and finals...checked the Dutch ATR(ATP) a little late and they are either all gone or there wasn't much available according to Martjin's comments !