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  1. First and foremost, I just want to say thank you to everyone that has been posting in this forum. I feel as though I've undergone an education as to ensuring I get to enjoy the Olympics in-person for years to come. London 2012 was absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to experience it all over again in Rio and Tokyo and wherever else in the future. To cece: I have been allocated a pair of artistic gymnastics tickets for both the morning and evening of Sunday, 7th August. Now I don't want to promise you a trade of any sort at this time, however in the spirit of #2012Tweeps, I do want others to enjoy the Olympics as much as I have or plan to. That said, I encourage you to keep trying for tickets and it's indeed very much possible you could eventually obtain some yourself, or even end up with something to trade for for the tickets you want (do only go for other things you are interested in though in case you're unable to make a trade). I think the idea behind prohibitions to selling the tickets second-hand is to discourage profit-making - otherwise it should be okay for parties to exchange to better match what they each other want from the Olympics (there's actually a 2012Tweeps story where the fiance of a rower was able to obtain tickets from an allocated party at face value with the relevant authorities privy to it). I recommend you keep track of #2012Tweeps on Twitter - I am - at the least for upcoming sales; I believe a Dutch ATR is opening up this Monday. Like yourself, I'm in search of tickets - swimming and cycling track in particular. Perhaps something may come up that you can make use of. I acknowledge that I am stranger to you and know I personally wouldn't trust the word of someone I don't personally know, which is why I don't want to promise a trade of any sort at this time. I simply wanted to raise my hand to acknowledge I will have on-hand tickets to artistic gymnastics, and am open to a reasonable trade to ensure someone else gets to see what they want at the Olympics - thus I can at least be an option for you, however far-fetched. Hopefully you can get something anything to the Olympics as to be honest, it's more than just about what you see - I went to water polo the last time and I still do the Hungarian chant I learnt when getting pumped for any sport ("Ma-ka-no!" for anyone curious).
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