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  1. I was traveling on vacation the day individual tickets went live for US via cosport so I didn't check until hours after they sent e mail notification and by that time only 8 sports left. Now it's down to two. I didn't even have my visa with me anyway. Guess I just want to torture myself but I saw some got gymnastics and was just curious if women's AA or team finals were ever available. Just wondering. Not that it does me any good either way now.

  2. Cosport know they can drop these tickets on the market later and they'll get snapped up. My guess is May 2016 this will happen.

    You can see what they are holding onto by browsing their customizable packages, some of the packages let you choose pretty much any ticket (online now there is a GA11 CAT C which you can buy in a package for instance).

    Oh, and I meant to add. I checked out the packages again. In the beginning I dismissed them when I saw how pricey they were. For $5700 something each it does get me GA11, GA12, GA13 + two other events but oh my gosh is it expensive! It includes 5 days 4 nights. So that's 11k for ticket/hotel + more money on airfare. I wish I could afford to go that route. When the packages first opened there was I think a 2 ticket flex for $2900 I think that included a women's GA finals event as an option that I maybe, maybe could have swallowed but it must have sold out within hours. They were really crafty with the packages so that a lot of the popular events were part of larger more expensive packages.

  3. I got GA11 Cat D in the first round through Cosport. But I'm in Europe and I think there is less demand for Gymnastics here. The US market is tough for gym because you have a good team

    Wondering now if I should have tried for GA9 (the team event) - is that a better one than the individual do you think?

    As for "the good stuff is missing" which someone mentioned a little earlier, Cosport are holding that back for packages, normally these tickets come free later in the process (If all the packages don't all sell).

    Cosport know they can drop these tickets on the market later and they'll get snapped up. My guess is May 2016 this will happen.

    You can see what they are holding onto by browsing their customizable packages, some of the packages let you choose pretty much any ticket (online now there is a GA11 CAT C which you can buy in a package for instance).

    If I had to choose I would pick Team Finals GA9 over AA Finals. Team is an awesome event and while AA is the "premiere" medal to win most of the girls really treasure the team experience and it's got to be an awesome thing to watch the top countries battle it out. There will be less countries on the floor but really the best of the best from each country. AA finals is great though too as you will see several gymnasts from several different countries. As if I have a chance to choose!!! As stated they are both a hot ticket-very, very difficult to get. The draw for the preliminaries is done just prior to the games so you won't know too far ahead which athletes you will see in each sessions. Congrats on getting a GA ticket.

  4. Networking is key to getting Olympic tickets. The internet has made it possible to connect with other genuine fans who have access to other regional ticket draws or local in country tickets. Twitter for the first time played a part in London 2012. Genuine spares are tweeted in the close run up because there is often no other way to offload them. I expect the same to be true in Rio.

    By the way the are almost no actual cases of people counterfeiting Olympic tickets in recent times. The tickets have protection built in, pretty much only one company in the world can actually print them. The counterfeiters get caught. What is common though is fake ticketing sites on the internet, the answer is just to use the accredited ones listed on the Rio site.

    Question: I understand that if you have a counterfeit ticket you will not get into the venue but I don't even know what an Olympic ticket looks like so if someone mocks something up to sell on e bay how would I even know if it's not real?

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  5. Cece, I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with the advice that has been dispensed in the last few posts. My professional job is within the trading world, and I'm a ridiculous sports fan and go to pretty much all of the major events, so I have a good grasp on how tickets are traded and valued. I'm mainly putting this out there so that people have a more realistic view of some of the things mentioned here.

    Befriend someone on the team: Now Baron is taking a trip into fantasy land. He might as well have suggested that you try to qualify for the Olympic team, or finish med school by May to get a doctor's credential.

    I was seriously trying to figure out how I might become best friends with Simone Biles (a likely 16 Olympian) and these bolded lines had me laughing out loud!! And I needed that as I'm feeling kind of torn and bummed about this whole Olympic ticket thing. Someone back thread gave me hope when he told a person to chill out and relax when he didn't get the swimming tickets he wanted because more tickets will be released. There will be tickets. Then I sort lost a bit of hope today. I agree. The chances of someone giving up a gymnastics ticket are slim to none UNLESS they truly only got it for bargaining power for something else. Part of the problem is me and my insistence on one sport, but I feel as if it's the only way I can justify the expense. I am all about the Olympic hoopla and getting to witness and experience an Olympic games as well though. Maybe missing out on this one will be what it takes for me to realize that it is worth spending the money just to be there at all. But it's Rio-going there alone is cool on it's own. Would I even want to try again in 2020-I don't even know if I want to go to Tokyo. It has to be Gymnastics-I am a die hard fan. But I have hotel reservations. It was meant to be and I should see whatever I can just to be there. So you see I am torn. I definitely am willing to pay A- level prices should they become available, but I suppose only time will tell. The hotel I just barely managed to snag is Via Gale Rio De Janiero-but I booked 2 months ago and they seem to be mostly sold out now.

    Again, I have to say how much I appreciate all of your knowledge. I don't know anyone who has ever even tried for Olympic tickets and I didn't even know what CoSport was until I went digging for it. I'm glad I went digging further and found this thread. :D

  6. I really apprecaite everyone's input and information on this.

    Sounds like I'm too late for the German ATR if what's gone is gone and they've been open for a while.

    I know someone who knows a Brazil resident-so I was thinking of trying for the resident live sales when they option in October (not the non-resident as that may be too close to the games to make travel arrangements). Again, I'd have to rely on someone I know into getting someone I don't know to facilitate the sale. Iffy.

    Yes, it is about the big finals for me. So that's sounding nearly impossible unless I'm lucky or wealthy. I am neither so far! I'm interested in AA, Team Finals or Beam/Bars EF for Women's Artistic. Yeah-the big ones. GA009, 011, 012 or 013. I have been to a World Gymnastics Championships before and it was cool, but you know-The Olympics is the biggest show of them all and I'd love to see the action there.

    It's an expensive trip. I went back and forth about whether or not I'd be okay seeing other sports only and not Gymnastics and my decision was no, so I put all my eggs in the Gymnastics basket during the reservation phases. It certainly would be a lot easier if I was willing to just go and see other sports. I could hopefully get something and then try to score gymnastics when I got there. This is my first go round on even trying for Olympic tickets. I had no clue how hard or easy it was. Now that I know what I want to see is in fact extremely difficult to get I may have to adjust my expectations and re think if I'm interested in making the trip for any other sports at this or any future Summer Olympics. I am seeing that flexibility is a key factor to making it work out.

    Memonade-I totally appreciate even the mention of the possibility of a trade. I'd have to see if could adjust my hotel reservation and of course I'd have to get my hands on tickets to trade. Again, I understand that was just a mention. In my naivete I only made the hotel reservation to accomodate 3 finals days. Additionally, I had to pay for it in advance so I could only pick so many days and it was basically a crap shoot as I was going in blind so that I could get my hands on some accomodations.

    I'm not totally ready to give up yet, but my expectations have been adjusted. I realize and have to accept that if I am not willing to be flexible there is a good chance I won't be going.

  7. The problem is Gymnastics (and Swimming) have strong US fanbases, so you need to widen your search like you say. Fortunately, the capacity of the gym halls is usually large, though I don't know in this case.

    It looks like Brazil has already started their reservation phase for residents. The live sales begin in October and the tickets with home delivery request are mailed beginning in May 2016 onwards. I hate the idea of having to entrust someone else that I don't know to get tickets to us that close to the games when Airline tickets will have already been booked so that may be iffy. I'm asking my husband if there is anyone he trusts in Germany for us to use their address to mail tickets to in case tickets become available there. I can't find any info on how soon those tickets would be mailed.

    I'll just do what I can do and see what happens.

  8. I'm in the US and have been shut out of both reservation phases. I have secured hotel reservations, but no tickets! If we can't get our hands on gymnastics tickets we aren't going at all. I think it would be cool to see other sports, but for me this trip is about seeing gymnastics and I probably don't want to spend the money on the trip for anything else. Who knows, 9 years from now if I still haven't been able to get gymnastics tickets I might say screw it and get what I can just to go, but that's not where I'm at right now. I do know someone who has a relative that resides in Brazil. I don't know how much I can count on that person to put me in touch to make it happen and I don't know if those chances are any better. My husband actually knows people who live in Germany. Maybe that is an option to explore. E-bay and twitter make me nervous. I hear stories about people getting scammed and there is just too much money on the line. According to cosport you aren't allowed to sell them so I am also paranoid that I'd get in trouble somehow for buying them on the internet. That leaves me with CoSport. People here are saying that more tickets will become available so I will keep checking and trying until it gets too the point where it's too late (expensive) to buy airline tickets.

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