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  1. I was traveling on vacation the day individual tickets went live for US via cosport so I didn't check until hours after they sent e mail notification and by that time only 8 sports left. Now it's down to two. I didn't even have my visa with me anyway. Guess I just want to torture myself but I saw some got gymnastics and was just curious if women's AA or team finals were ever available. Just wondering. Not that it does me any good either way now.
  2. I saw one on sale on e bay. How would they already have a ticket to sell? The description of the product was not even detailed to include dates, specifics on the events they were for etc. Very sketchy.
  3. Oh, and I meant to add. I checked out the packages again. In the beginning I dismissed them when I saw how pricey they were. For $5700 something each it does get me GA11, GA12, GA13 + two other events but oh my gosh is it expensive! It includes 5 days 4 nights. So that's 11k for ticket/hotel + more money on airfare. I wish I could afford to go that route. When the packages first opened there was I think a 2 ticket flex for $2900 I think that included a women's GA finals event as an option that I maybe, maybe could have swallowed but it must have sold out within hours. They were really
  4. If I had to choose I would pick Team Finals GA9 over AA Finals. Team is an awesome event and while AA is the "premiere" medal to win most of the girls really treasure the team experience and it's got to be an awesome thing to watch the top countries battle it out. There will be less countries on the floor but really the best of the best from each country. AA finals is great though too as you will see several gymnasts from several different countries. As if I have a chance to choose!!! As stated they are both a hot ticket-very, very difficult to get. The draw for the preliminaries is done j
  5. Question: I understand that if you have a counterfeit ticket you will not get into the venue but I don't even know what an Olympic ticket looks like so if someone mocks something up to sell on e bay how would I even know if it's not real?
  6. I really apprecaite everyone's input and information on this. Sounds like I'm too late for the German ATR if what's gone is gone and they've been open for a while. I know someone who knows a Brazil resident-so I was thinking of trying for the resident live sales when they option in October (not the non-resident as that may be too close to the games to make travel arrangements). Again, I'd have to rely on someone I know into getting someone I don't know to facilitate the sale. Iffy. Yes, it is about the big finals for me. So that's sounding nearly impossible unless I'm lucky or wealthy. I
  7. It looks like Brazil has already started their reservation phase for residents. The live sales begin in October and the tickets with home delivery request are mailed beginning in May 2016 onwards. I hate the idea of having to entrust someone else that I don't know to get tickets to us that close to the games when Airline tickets will have already been booked so that may be iffy. I'm asking my husband if there is anyone he trusts in Germany for us to use their address to mail tickets to in case tickets become available there. I can't find any info on how soon those tickets would be mailed.
  8. I just checked the German ATR. No artistic Gymnastics at all. Maybe I should have thought about trying something like that sooner.
  9. I'm in the US and have been shut out of both reservation phases. I have secured hotel reservations, but no tickets! If we can't get our hands on gymnastics tickets we aren't going at all. I think it would be cool to see other sports, but for me this trip is about seeing gymnastics and I probably don't want to spend the money on the trip for anything else. Who knows, 9 years from now if I still haven't been able to get gymnastics tickets I might say screw it and get what I can just to go, but that's not where I'm at right now. I do know someone who has a relative that resides in Brazil. I
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