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  1. I reply because people keep replying to me (and I can't resist over-explainig myself to strangers). I did say I would follow the forum just in case tix open up soon. But I'm 100% decided on giving up the ones allotted to me now.
  2. Honestly, I am mad that Cosport didn't e-mail us about the first round of tickets. Maybe between the two rounds we'd have scraped up enough tickets to be satisfied. We loved going to London, and my husband loved going to Sydney before that. I proposed an alternate vacation we're more excited about--I usually put in a lot of effort in planning, while my husband just likes to show up in a place and wander around. We don't vacation to relax so much (we're very active), but over a year of work put in with an uncertain outcome is the sticking point here. I'll be keeping an eye on the forum for advice so we can do better in the future, maybe for Tokyo. Maybe by then we'll feel flush enough to opt for a package, but we find them too expensive and restrictive right now.
  3. Oh, and I wasn't looking for pity. I'm more sad for all of us that it takes so much effort. I didn't realize how luck we were to get three sets of tickets off the bat last time; it probably gave us a skewed perception, but maybe because we were happy with only three since it was our honeymoon. We had a lot of other stuff planned. If I happen on a time when cosport is selling a lot of different tickets at once and manage to snag, say, three or four sets, we might change our minds. But we're throwing back what we have because we're simply too risk averse to plan around having two things in hand. If other people aren't that risk averse, great for them. But we like our annual trip abroad to be a source of excitement and fun, not stress.
  4. I would need my husband's buy in for the hard work, and I just don't have it. He calls it a game and doesn't like doing any planning that requires so much watching and waiting and pouncing. And I'm too new to my job and career to spend the next year haunting the Internet like I'd need to.
  5. My husband and I just doesn't really want to invest the time and energy in playing this game of trying fifty different ways to get tickets. We want a vacation that's easier to plan. We're in the U.S. And really don't want to bother with eBay, stalking Cosport orTwitter or whatever, or trying to trade with people. Oh and I don't know anyone abroad who I'm close to enough to do this for me.
  6. Thanks for the input everyone. We need to talk more, but as I suspected, my husband is not really comfortable with just having two sets of tickets, and we both think it sounds like too much trouble to make sure we get more. I especially feel that way, since this stuff always falls to me! I'm in a new job and career this year, so I can't really spend my time haunting Cosport's site. We're leaning towards no
  7. Oh, definitely flexible! I'd just feel better having one more set of tickets in hand (since I think we'd likely throw back one of the sets of dressage tix) before I commit. We're happy to fill our days with sightseeing if we don't get a ton of events. We just have to decide if the two events we got is enough to keep us wanting to go to Brazil instead of elsewhere with our limited vacation time.
  8. Thanks for the advice. I'm not panicking, and I don't care about attending certain high profile events, but I DO have only a few days to accept whether it's worth it to take the tickets I've been allocated or not. So there is some urgency. I don't really want to deal with selling them down the road, especially as they're clearly not for in-demand events.
  9. I'm the first two. Not sure about the latter! My husband is a pretty cautious guy, so I don't know that he'll want to go ahead with this with just two sets of equestrian tix in hand. For London we got three sets during one lottery round, all for different events, and it was just one of our stops on a UK honeymoon. We didn't try for any more tix than that initial three pairs. Of course, we're also eager to see Brazil, and that factors in too!
  10. Hi everyone! So Cosport didn't email us about the first round of ticket buying, but we're definitely on the list because we went to London, got emails for Sochi, etc. So that sucked, but we found out and tried for the second round. Now we just got three pairs of tickets allocated (out of 20 pairs requested), and they are ALL for equestrian events. We requested a wide variety of events, of course. Two are for dressage, and I don't think we'll want to see two of the same event, since we are not particular fans of equestrian but rather were hoping to go to see a handful of different sports. I was hoping to see just one equestrian event! My question now is should we take our two sets of tickets and just assume we will be able to get more later when the packages aren't sold? How feasible is that? We don't really want to commit to the whole trip with only two sets of tickets, for the same sport, in hand if there's no real chance of getting any more tickets.
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