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  1. I am interested in your swimming tickets on Aug 8 if they are finals tickets. Can you give me more information. Thank you. 

    1. TorchbearerAA


      Hi, yes the tickets are for the finals.

      I paid € 130 per ticket my self (because of 20% fees of the ATR). Do you have PayPal? It makes it easy to transfer money. Do you want me to send the tickets to you? If so I will inform how much it will cost.

    2. TorchbearerAA


      If any other questions, please let me know. The programme that evening (22:00 - 00:00) exists of:

      Women's 200m Freestyle: semi-finals
      Men's 200m Freestyle: final
      Women's 100m Backstroke: final
      Men's 100m Backstroke: final
      Men's 200m Freestyle: victory ceremony
      Women's 100m Breaststroke: final
      Women's 100m Backstroke: victory ceremony
      Men's 200m Butterfly: semi-finals
      Men's 100m Backstroke: victory ceremony
      Women's 200m Individual Medley: semi-finals
      Women's 100m Breaststroke: victory ceremony

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