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  1. Hi Paula,

    I have Category B tickets available for:
    10 x SW004, 2 x SW008 and 1x SW010

    I bought the tickets from our national Authorised Tickets Reseller ATPI in The Netherlands and I paid 250 euro's (275 USD) per ticket.

    Are you interested?


    Let me know:
    mauricekimman@gmail.com or +31630212336 whatsapp.

  2. I am interested in the swimming tickets. Please provide me details.
  3. I am interested in your swimming tickets on Aug 8 if they are finals tickets. Can you give me more information. Thank you. 

    1. TorchbearerAA


      Hi, yes the tickets are for the finals.

      I paid € 130 per ticket my self (because of 20% fees of the ATR). Do you have PayPal? It makes it easy to transfer money. Do you want me to send the tickets to you? If so I will inform how much it will cost.

    2. TorchbearerAA


      If any other questions, please let me know. The programme that evening (22:00 - 00:00) exists of:

      Women's 200m Freestyle: semi-finals
      Men's 200m Freestyle: final
      Women's 100m Backstroke: final
      Men's 100m Backstroke: final
      Men's 200m Freestyle: victory ceremony
      Women's 100m Breaststroke: final
      Women's 100m Backstroke: victory ceremony
      Men's 200m Butterfly: semi-finals
      Men's 100m Backstroke: victory ceremony
      Women's 200m Individual Medley: semi-finals
      Women's 100m Breaststroke: victory ceremony

  4. I did call my visa. All of them actually. THey are approving the transaction and the source is rejecting them--so I don't know what is going on or what to do to complete the purchase. I sent a note via the contact us line but I am not optimistic. I do have a PO box so I am not sure if that creates a problem. Anyone know what to put for District? I have been putting County but that may be the problem.
  5. I have been trying to place a final order but it keeps refusing my visa even though all the information is correct. I have tried both of my visas and my bank card visa and all have the same problem. Anyone know why or what I can do? This is my final order for what looks like a great games experience.
  6. I have several basketball tickets but has the schedule of what time they are playing been set yet? Would love to have US tickets
  7. I was able to secure a lot of good tickets on the Canadian site, including beach volleyball prelims and medal matches for Judo, Fencing, Diving and Archery. I inadvertently got a set of handball tickets that conflict with another event. How hard will those be to sell (at face value) when I get there?
  8. I don't have any EU contacts that I feel comfortable asking but I am a dual Canadian citizen and have many contacts there. Is it any easier through Canada and can the expenses be charged to a US credit card or do they need to pay and I reimburse them?
  9. How does Dertour work? I see they are an ATR but can I buy them if I am not a German citizen? I do speak German so I can manage the site.
  10. Without sounding foolish, how does it work on ebay? You just search the tickets and see what is out there? And fantome--if you don't use yours, I would be happy to buy them. No concern with high profile. Just want to go to the Olympics. But again, are there any ways to make sure that it is "legit." Have I mentioned this is a whole new realm for me. :-)
  11. Thank you for reassuring me. As I said, this is all new territory and I have a commitment on a place to stay and a desire to fulfill a promise. I thought Co Sport was the only option for US citizens and also heard that scalping was going to be strictly enforced. So basically, stay calm and check cosport daily? If there are other options I will keep up on those too.
  12. This is my first time trying to go to the Olympics and this is all new territory for me. I got 4 of the 48 requested on my account and 0 of 48 on my son's, who is going with me. After being shut out on the first round. I have to admit I was kind of stunned as we requested things like early round badminton and water polo. As we are committed to attending (when my son's father died, I promised a trip if he kept on the straight and narrow when he graduated from high school and this is the trip he choose), I am wondering what other options might be available. We are more interested in the Olympic experience--not the big name finals. It sounds like tickets just aren't available--and I want to be aware of any option we can pursue.
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