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  1. "With ceremonies planned spending is R$ 384 million - will be R$ 132 million just in the opening to the closing, it is expected additional R$ 55 million;. The budget estimates also an expense of R$ 89 million with video screens and fan fests. the producer of the event pocketing R$ 55 million, and the medals ceremonies will cost R$ 8.5 million. "

    "Com cerimônias, o gasto previsto é de R$ 384 milhões – serão R$ 132 milhões apenas na Abertura. Para o encerramento, a previsão é de mais R$ 55 milhões; o orçamento estima, ainda, um gasto de R$ 89 milhões com telões e fan fests. A produtora dos eventos embolsará R$ 55 milhões, e as cerimônias de entrega de medalhas custarão R$ 8,5 milhões."


    I found the complete OC of the Rio 2007 PanAm games. And guess it's coast? The opening and the closing ceremonies coast together R$ 32 millions. The same price of the sun-caldron in the maracanã stadium.

  2. Hello everybody

    The ceromonies will be payed by the Rio 2016 OG, and will coast R$ 132 millions. According to ESPN, London 2012 opening coast R$ 90 millions and in Beijing the OC coast was R$ 196 millions (the most expensive of the history). I agree with mr Meirelles (the director), but what he said was that he had know that the opening will coast 10% from the R$ 196 mi wested in Beijing. It's quite impossible, because the 2014 word cup OC coast R$ 16 millions. And we just know the prices of all ceremonies.


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