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  1. my favella theory is getting stonger and stronger

    When I first saw this picture it was what I thought. But Meirelles has said that they're not preparing anything about the favelas. Than I thought it was buldings from copacabana/ipanema beach but they look too close. If it was supposed to represent something of the city it really looks like a favela. They are justing starting, so I believe that it is just some estructure.

  2. People usually confuse the meaning of stereotype. It's not necessary something bad or untrue, it's just a exageration. In the case of Rio's cerimonies, based on the little details that we already know, they'll tackle things that some think represent a stereotypical view from Rio, like the Carnival. For me, the way that this kind of allegories about the city will be display it that is important. If is fun, inventive and powerful, so be it.

    You made a point. But carnaval and Carmen Miranda are different things. Carmen Miranda is a stereotype that is untrue. Carnaval id carnaval, there is not other way to show that, they tried to do on the handover but looked weird. It's beatiful the way it is.

  3. The ceremonies are supposed to represent Brazil and Rio. So, DOES matter what brazilians think. If doesn's thre was no reason to ask Fernando Meirelles, Daniela Thomas, Rosa Magalhães, Marcelo Rubens Paiva and others to produce the ceremonies. Do you remember the word cup opening? It didn't not represented Brazil, brazilians were not proud of that. London ceremonies for example, represented their culture, their contry and their people. The british people were proud what the showed to all the word.

    Maybe you're right. Maybe I don't know nothing about ceremonies. I don't to be rude, but I'm "the brazilian" here, I know better than you what represents Brazil and its culture. And if the cermony is not about Rio, Brazil and brazilian culture I don't see reasons to put three brazilians directors to work in each ceremony. I hope you guys understand what I meant.

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  4. The fact is that the guy says that Rousseff's impeachment is a coup because other people say it's a coup. The Supreme Court asked Rousseff to explain why impeachment is a coup, yes, she still being president. Workers' Party supported president's Collor impeachment in 1992. Why wasn't it a coup? Germany has said that the process is following the constitution.

    In that video Caetano Veloso is singing in a protest against the end of Culture Ministry, not against the "coup". And president Temer decides to keep the ministry after the protests. So, is it really a coup? There is no democracy in a country that the president does what people are asking? I don't think so.

  5. I really want to see a big number like this. It's very Olympic Opening Ceremony & very Brazilian. :)

    And then all the fruits light up in the dark!!

    I almost 100% sure that there won't be anything about Carmen Miranda. She is considerate here a "stupid" brazilian stereotype. First: she is not brazilian, she is portuguese. Second: she lived most of the time in the U.S.A.. I really don't think that they are preparing something with stereotypes.

    A tutti-frutti hat caldron? Really? You should be keading or you must know nothing about brazilian culture.

    Other point is that they just have said the OC is going to show the formation of brazilian people, not about Brazil's history at all, but the history of the people, the diversity of the people. Indians, Europeans (Portugueses, Italians, Germans), Africans, Japaneses, Lebaneses. The ceremony is about that, the people.

  6. It's OK if Brazil goes broke because of over-spending on Ceremonies. It's for a good cause. But if the Ceremonies are lousy, then Que Barbaridad, a government must fall!!

    The ceremonies will not be paid with public money. The Rio 2016 organising comity uses private money, around R$ 7 billion to organise all the games. The government is paying for infraestructure and for some arenas ( Barra Olympic Park is almost totally paid with private money ). The federal government is also paying for secutiry with two ministries: Justice Ministry (Federal Police, Federal Highway Police and the National Public Security Force) and the Defense Ministry ( Armed Forces and Combating terrorism forces). For security, also is being used the Abin ( Brazilian Intelligence Agency) wich is part of the Institutional Security Office of the Presidency of the Republic and the Rio de Janeiro's state polices. Public money has been only used for some venues, for infraestructure and security.

    All the operational cost of the olympics, including ceremonies are paid with private money

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  7. Rosa Magalhães is great for me, I love her job on carnaval and I still loving the Rio 2007 PanAm games OC years later and she did it almost by herself. I like Fernando Meirelles too, he produced that video "unity" for the candidature in 2009. So I think they are preparing a great show. The budget of the OC is R$ 210 millions, more than London (R$ 190 millions), of course I'm comparing the cost in BRL (Brazilians reals) but it can show us that the ceremony will not be so poor.

  8. Can you give us the link with the interview with Marco Balich, please?

    Also, I wouldn't be surprised if we see lots of grass/flowers, after all Brazil is known for the Amazon forest and its biodiversity so it's very likely it will have a pivotal role on the Opening.

    Sure. It's in portuguese but you can try to translate.


    Works for me too but not in a futuristic way. The last time they did Rio's Carnaval in a futuristic way was on the Flag Handover in London 2012. And brazilians didn't like very much because we think Rio's Carnaval is beatiful the way it is.

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  9. I agree they do not indicate much...

    I don't think they are preparing a "Rio Glastonbury" becaiue of the grass and flowers....

    If it indicates something, it shoud be the "floresta" from the Amazonas ....

    Or may the claudron would be cover with grass and flowers????Indeed they are not flowers, but people jumping or dancing :wacko::wacko:<_<<_<

    I thought it was flowers but when I saw the details I thought that it indicates some part of the show. Marco Balich said yesterday on a event that the OC will look like a "futuristic Rosa Magalhães with LSD". I was scared trying to imagine that. And the they confirmed that the ceremony will start at 8 p.m. and ends at 11 p.m.. The CC also starts at 8 p.m. but ends at 10:20 p.m.. There will be a pre-show before each ceremony but they haven't confirmed who is going play/sing.

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  10. I'm not new here and I'm not nervous. But I care abou the truth. Impeachment is not a coup, everybody knows that. But if YouTube want to insiste that there is coup, can you tell us what make impeachment a coup? Wich part is not in the Brazilian Constitution? I didn't voted for Rousseff and I do not support her impeachment. But saying that is a coup is ugly for the country. Every time the Worker's party is losing the power they start saying "they're going to cut off social programs", "they're going to close public universities". Like everything that exists in Brasil was made no Lula's and Dilma's government.

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    President Dilma has not been deposed from office . She was away so there is no interference in investigations . If she proves her innocence she returns to the office. We can not trivialize the word "coup". We had a coup in 1930 with Getulio, we had a coup in 1964 with the military. Stop saying that impeachment is a coup!


    President Dilma has not been deposed from office . She was away so there is no interference in investigations . If she proves her innocence she returns to the office. We can not trivialize the word "coup". We had a coup in 1930 with Getulio, we had a coup in 1964 with the military. Stop saying that impeachment is a coup!

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    President Dilma has not been deposed from office . She was away so there is no interference in investigations . If she proves her innocence she returns to the office. We can not trivialize the word "coup". We had a coup in 1930 with Getulio, we had a coup in 1964 with the military. Stop saying that impeachment is a coup!


    President Dilma has not been deposed from office . She was away so there is no interference in investigations . If she proves her innocence she returns to the office. We can not trivialize the word "coup". We had a coup in 1930 with Getulio, we had a coup in 1964 with the military. Stop saying that impeachment is a coup!

  15. I read this on UOL website. In my opinion, Meirelles and the other directors are trying to not create so much expectation about the ceremonies. Rosa Magalhães, the director of the Rio-2007 OC is working at the ceremonies. She'll be also responsable for the closing ceremony. When you say you will spend a lot of money, people expect a lot of ceremonies. But when you say you will not spend much money and will make a simple ceremony, people do not expect much and anything else that you do pasa to be something phenomenal.

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  16. Cheap? Rio-2016 estimates almost R$ 200 million to the opening, more than London.


    09/23/2015 06:00

    With Vinicius Konchinski

    When talking about the opening party of the Rio-2016, officers responsible for the ceremony stressed the containment of spending in the face of the economic crisis, and promised much cheaper event than in other games. But in reality, the current estimate is a cost of approximately R$ 190 million, 30% higher than the initial value and larger than London 2012.

    On Thursday, Andrucha Waddington, one of the directors of the ceremony, said it was a smaller budget than in other Olympics. Another director Fernando Meirelles made a comparison by stating that it would cost ten times less than in London, which would have spent between R$ 350 million and R$ 450 million in its version. Then he rectified and said it was a kick, but the magnitude was there.

    The kick not even close. The initial budget for the Rio Olympic opening was R$ 147 million in today's values ​​by 2016. The blog found that there was a 30% increase in this value, and the current estimate is around R$ 190 million. The final number is not closed and therefore is not reported.

    The opening of the Olympics-2012 cost 27 million pounds, according to all local vehicles. With values ​​updated by the British inflation, that means R$ 175 million. So, it spent less than the amount available for the Rio-2016 for now. The cost of all London's parties, joining shutdown, torch relay, etc, was 80 million pounds, R$ 500 million. In the UK, it was public money that bankrolled the party.

    In Rio, the amount will be funded by the Rio 2016 Committee which has private budget. But the body has had to pass several spending for the federal government as temporary sports venues to fit in its R$ 7.4 billion budget. That is, indirectly, a cost reduction would help the public coffers.

    To increase the budget of the opening, the Rio-2016 shifted funds that would be used for other events such as the wrap party. So it was maintained the initial value provided to all the ceremonies together.

    The increased cost of opening occurred by the lighting needs at the Maracana. The roof of the stadium can not take the tons that will be used to light and will need to rely on additional structures. The stadium has other limitations due to the reduced inputs, which forced the directors adaptations ceremony.

    Meirelles said that with the budget classified as small, you can not have drones and other structures that were thought to opening. "Could not because of the cost. '' The directors generally said they should not expect something with the same sophistication of London. But the amount spent, you can make at least.

  17. Director ceremonies of Rio 2016 says that lacked soul at the opening of the World Cup

    Guilherme Costa and Vinicius Konchinski

    The UOL, in Rio de Janeiro

    07/10/2015 6:00 a.m.


    The opening of the Pan-American Games in Toronto will be held on Friday (09), but Brazil already thinking about another inaugural ceremony: the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, scheduled for August 5, 2016. The event already has a definite story line, with proposal to be much more "local" than the first celebration of the World Cup 2014. In fact, in some respects, the football tournament has served as an example of what not to do.

    "You better do something with less money, not wonderful, but with real soul, which everyone understands. The only way you thrill and talk to who's at home is the Brazilian thrill and who is there. If you stay midway between talking to or talking to Brazilian gringo, you will lose. You have to say what in fact is a Brazil that gives pride. What will I eat, what I like and what I will understand . What we learned not only that, but of all events, is that you have to have a soul, "said Leonardo Caetano, director of ceremonies of Rio 2016.

    With a total cost of R $ 18 million, the 2014 World Cup opening ceremony had Claudia Leitte shows, Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull. The party was held in Itaquera, stage the first match of the football tournament, and started at 15:15 (GMT).

    "It's hard to criticize, but imagine you have an event where the creative director is a Romanian choreographer [actually, the artistic director of the opening of the World Cup in 2014 was the Belgian Daphne Cornez] ... it's hard to put soul into a business those. Now you have the Fernando Meirelles, Daniela Thomas and Andrucha. These are people that communicate and produce in Brazil for the Brazilian long ago. Fernando Meirelles may be our great story teller. Daniela Thomas thoroughly understands the manifestations artistic and aesthetic, and Andrucha're used to talking to advertising. I joke that he speaks with the fat lady of Pato Branco and the modernoso boy from Vila Madalena. That's the kind of thing that comes true ", said Caetano.

    The opening of the Olympic Games will be directed by Fernando Meirelles, Daniela Thomas and Andrucha Waddington, professional chosen by the organizing committee of the Rio-2016. They have made monthly workshops to discuss details of the ceremony, which is currently prospecting phase of volunteers. The event will be held at night and at the Maracana.

    In addition to the ceremony have a more regional perspective than the World Cup, the proposal of the group led by Caetano is betting on a more modern bias. "I think we, as a new country, has the advantage of being able to speak more contemporary than history. I'm not Greece, nor China, countries with 3000 years of history," mused the director.

    The opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games already have a base cost. According to Caetano, however, the value is kept secret because it is subject to change: "If you have a great idea it's always easier to get an additional budget you need to have a purpose.".

    "I think in Brazil we have a great facility: by the time you meet - and I think the directors met brilliantly - its storyline, it all starts to make sense Obviously this can not be a compendium Nobody here wants.. list all rhythms or cultural events. No one here wants to do that. We want to tell a story that we can not speak yet what it is, but it relies on elements of Brazilian culture, "he added Caetano.

    Call for volunteers

    Caetano also strengthened the convening of the Rio-2016 so that interested in participating in the ceremonies of the Games to sign up on the site for volunteers. In May, the Rio-2016 opened the nominations period only for those who want to work in the opening parties and closing of the Olympics and Paralympics. Since then, between 4000 and 5000 people have shown interest in collaborating. The Rio-2016, however, expect the collaboration of 12 thousand people.

    Who intend to join the party can register until September on two websites: cerimonias.rio2016.com or rio2016.com/elencodecerimonias . According to Caetano, no need to be an artist or professional dancer to participate in the ceremonies of Rio 2016. The committee requires only that volunteers have more than 16 years and some aptitude for presentations.

    "It's people who want to participate and be interested in cultural production. Or because he is an actor, musician or why, or why lover of some aspect attached to it. Or maybe because just curious," explained the Director of Ceremonies. "Now, no one needs to be professional. You do not know how to dance well, but need to go run into the middle of the stage and dance," he added.

    Caetano explained that it is also important to have available to participate in the tests. Practices should begin in March and extend until the day before the Games begin.

    The director of the Games Organizing Committee gave no details of his plans for the celebrations of the Olympics. This is kept secret by the organizers. According to him, selected volunteers will even have to sign a commitment agreement not to disclose information on the celebrations and preserve surprises: "We expect volunteers to collaborate."

    Links: http://olimpiadas.uol.com.br/noticias/2015/07/10/diretor-de-cerimonias-da-rio-2016-diz-que-faltou-alma-na-abertura-da-copa.htm

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  18. Of course the script is ready and they know how the caldron will be lit. IOC doesn't know, IOC knows where the caldron will be, but not how it will be lit. Just a parentheses in portuguese: O roteiro está pronto sim, é claro, no entanto eles trabalham agora na montagem do roteiro, a forma como ele vai ser executado.Além de verem as questões de viabilidade, estão trabalhando em um estádio complicado, que não possui toda estrutura necessária. Fica bem claro quando foi noticiada a questão da cobertura do Maracanã, precisa sustentar 120 toneladas, só suporta 80. A pré-produção é a parte mais difícil, porque eles tem que pensar em soluções criativas para executar o roteiro, aí é que entram as produtoras internacionais.

    I tried to say what I sad in portuguese, but it's not equal

    The script is ready, of course, now they work in how away it will be done. They are working on a complicated stadium, which does not have enough structure. It is clear when it was reported the issue of Maracana roof, must sustain 120 tons, only supports 80. The pre-production is the hardest part, because they have to think of creative solutions to run the script.
  19. Well, it seems to me like they're trying to not creat expectations with the ceremonies but I think they're making a great one. A director who worked on London 2012 OC is working with Meirelles since this year's carnaval. I can't even imagne what we're going to see next year.

    Directors of Ceremonies in Sapucai

    by Michel Castellar in 16.fev.2015 at 18: 25h

    The trio of Creative directors responsible for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Rio accompanied the first day of parades of the Special Group samba schools in Sapucai, on Sunday night, to make observations for the 2016 event Andrucha Waddington , Daniela Thomas and Fernando Meirelles went to the cabin of Rio's city hall and came down on the track during the passage of Mangueira.

    - We have come to bring an English art director, who worked at the London ceremony and will be with us. She had never seen the show - said the filmmaker Meirelles.

    Meirelles also ensured that the carnival will be present at the ceremonies.

    Anyone who wants to better understand the profile of the trio of directors, click HERE .


    Fernando Meirelles watch the parade of the hose. (Photo: Michel Castellar)

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