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  1. Not Pedro II. And you can't forget brazilian people voted for republic in 1993. A decision was made and we have to respect. In my opinion, if there is people (and there is) who want monarchy backs they have to propose in congress so we can vote and decide again. Pedro II was not king of Portugal, he was only brazilian imperator
  2. If the ceremony was about Brazil's history they would have so many things to show: Pre-colonial Period (1500-1530) Colonial Period (1530-1815) United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and Algarve (1815-1822) Empire (1822-1889) Republic (1890-current) And also we have the Dutch Invasion around the 1600's, the arrival of Royal Family in 1808 and lot's of other periods. So, thats why I think they choose to show the history of Brazilian People, it's "more simple".
  3. Let's remember that people were not on the streets asking for republic in 1889. There was a coup by church, farmers and military. A real coup, Pedro II had to leave the country. And I don't know what happened to the Prime Minister. The anthem of Empire is now the Independence Anthem. And let's also remember that the indenpendence anthem was written by Pedro I, was him who declared the independence from Portugal.
  4. Well, we speak portuguese here, and it's quite different form spanish. It would be like "Equipe Olímpica de Atletas Refugiados" or "Equipe dos Atletas Olímpicos Refugiados"
  5. Well, I don't support president Dilma Rousseff or the acting president Michel Temer. I think brazilians have to respect institutionally the president no matters who is the president. It's ugly booing the president. And the world only can see one president in OC. So, it should be Temer or Rousseff. Both is not correct.
  6. In the opening ceremony the president will be Michel Temer. There is a chance Dilma return to her office in time for CC. The final voting will hapen during the games. Can the Rio de Janeiro governor open the games? Or the president of Rio Organizing Committee like Rio 2007?
  7. Well, you're forgeting a important think. Vancouver and Sochi were winter games. It's hard too work with that. But neither you nor I can say that they will use "real water" or "projected water". We only know that there will be projections.
  8. I don't remember saying that. I said here that it looks like real water, not a projection. Also the picture here is very similar to what they're building in Maracanã Stadium. Again, I don't say here what is going to happen. I think in possibilities. I ask for viability.
  9. Yep. They have said that the OC is about the formation of the brazilian people. All imigrants (europeans, africans and asians) came from ships. I don't think they will use projections for water. The picture looks very real. Also you can see the recflection of the buildings in one of the pictures.
  10. Oh, isn't the beach part of Cariocas' life? How about Rio 2007 OC? You're going too deep in the significates and ignoring little things. Rio 2007 had a sun-caldron.Were they refering to Apollo? No. What I said was what I thought when I saw this picture, the idea I had about. After all we're discusting possibilities.
  11. My idea is that this ball is a moon and will come from the water. Could it be possible? Don't you remember Athens 2004 OC?
  12. Doesn't look like water? Something like Athens 2004? My theory that it looked like buildings was right. If it is water, maybe can it be the ocen. Probably they will reproduce this:
  13. How can it be a coup if Rousseff still being presidente? Beacuse she still living in the official residence, she uses official plane, official cars, security, etc. Do you know a "coup" like that? She has the right of defense. The process is not finished yet. I don't like the Interim president, but the people who voted for Rousseff knew that he was going to be vice-president and it was a possibility he becomes president if everything happened to Rousseff.
  14. IT'S NOT a caldron prototype. It's pieces of scenario from paralympic OC. Do you really think that they would reveal the caldron prototype? They're working with secrets. Until now we know more from paralympic ceremonies than olympic's one.
  15. From Paralympic's OC. It's in Rio 2016 official website. I really liked the propost of the directors.
  16. It was not a protest. The guy is making fun of the situation. Do you know what is natural disaster? So, we had one here these days. I'm from Recife, the capital of Pernambuco state. Hope Cauê doesn't know more than me about my own state
  17. Every day I come here to read the news about the "coup". Because according to some people it's a coup because the worker's party says it's and also some international press. Doesn't import what the Brazilian Constitution says. It's a coup because it's a coup.
  18. It's not a bad ideia at all. The favelas had started on the begining of the Republic, part of that during the big reform of Rio in the early 1900'. The favelas are part of Rio's history. Also we have the culture of the favelas, it's not all about poorness. The RAP and Carioca Funk comes from favelas. Also the urban culture. Why would it be a bad ideia? But I don't really think they are gonna work with that.
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