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  1. I liked the song at all. It's easy to sing and it's better than the one from world cup.
  2. It's LED. The boxes are covered by some protection. Look that the banner from Filmmaster uses the same style of the covering of those boxes. The cauldron doesn't need to be on Maracanã's roof. When I was thinking about a cauldron on Maracanã I thought in puting the cauldron on those ramps. They are close to the roof. I have some more informations about the OC. But I don't know if I tell you or keep as a secret
  3. It's on CC2016 website that Anthony Howe is the cauldron. Here are some pictures of his work, really looks like "kinetic sculpture". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CNU3DQclGs
  4. I got tickets for the Opening Ceremony today. But I only got them because I was in Rio 2016 site before 12 pm.
  5. There was an article that said they were to builiding towers outside the stadium to strengthen the roof. Ruben Look that there is some steel cables on the tower. Claúdio Silva As you see, the stage is not elevated as I said before. Now they're putting all the line arrays (more than 10 I read) and all the lights.
  6. Almost this, I remember that they need to put 120 tons, but they only can put 81 tons on the roof. But they found a solution. I read this on a article from 2014. Source: http://globoesporte.globo.com/olimpiadas/noticia/2014/08/fora-do-padrao-coi-maracana-nao-passara-por-reformas-para-rio-2016.html
  7. requebram dancers to the rhythm of "small step" funk carioca in a tent. In a climbing wall outdoors, dancers rehearse precise movements. parkour athletes (urban sport to overcome obstacles) are oriented to give risky jumps amid a complex choreography on an imaginary stage. With headphones, each member listens to his music and the instructions of the choreographers. To the casual observer, everything happens almost in silence, broken by the sound of cars and trains neighborhood. As montassem a huge puzzle, hundreds of artists and volunteers rehearse daily in secrecy, all details of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Rio, most media spectacle of the competition. The hearing scheduled for the show is nearly 1 billion viewers on television in more than 150 countries. The Maracana, the ceremony stage, will be 46,000 people, including guests and paying. Folha had access to the backstage and followed on Thursday (23) for three and a half hours the tests. The venue for the training is a former military area of 39,000 square meters (equivalent to 18 football fields) overlooking the stadium, in northern Rio. "This is a military organization played by artists. We have to get the best of both worlds for everything to work on August 5 [date of the opening of the Olympics]," says Leonardo Caetano, Ceremonies Director of Rio-2016. He is responsible for coordinating a legion of almost 12 000 actors, dancers and extras, plus thousand producers of 30 nationalities involved in the event. The festival attractions are kept secret. Caetano Veloso, Carlinhos Brown and Arnaldo Antunes are some quoted to sing on the show. Designed to last nearly four hours, the opening of the Games is directed by Fernando Meirelles, Andrucha Waddington and Daniela Thomas and wants to tell the formation of Brazilian society in order to show that immigration is positive. The script is a synthesis of popular culture packed by the vigorous rhythm of Brazilian music, with choreography created by Deborah Colker. Samba must occupy almost 20% of the ceremony. Percussionists of Rio's samba schools batteries will join the party. Without the same luxury of the Beijing-08 and-12 London Games, event directors intend to surprise the audience with "mass choreography" enthralled by the volunteers at the Maracana lawn. With six ceremonies of Olympics in his career, the American Steve Boyd is responsible for replicating to all the show's cast choreography devised by Colker. Sustainability is one of the show's focus. "The strength of our ceremony will be working with more people and fewer things and props. Because when the party ends, things generate waste," explained Leonardo Caetano ISOLATION The "Olympic Broadway" runs from 9 am to about 23h daily. There, the excitement is constant since May. Despite rampant in and out, the place is an almost deserted area of the city, squeezed between the train station Maracana and the Morro da Mangueira. To maintain isolation, producers closed space with fences over three meters that prevent the eyes of the curious. The peak time is early evening when hundreds of volunteers arrive to test their choreographies. On Thursday, about 800 participated in the training. Everyone involved signed a confidentiality agreement, which provides for heavy fines (undisclosed amount) in case of breach of contract. At the entrance, they get the keys of the cupboards and the receiver, used to listen to the messages of choreographers. Then receive snacks and identification vests. In a huge tent, volunteers attend a lecture before heading to a huge asphalt track. There, the two producers designed Maracana lawn replicas. Full of markings, the track turns into a stage where different groups rehearse the choreography. "The phones serve not to disturb the other groups. Imagine every type of music being played for all these groups at the same time. Everyone would come out goons here," joked Caetano. "Other than that, these devices give us more time to work at night without disturbing and draw the attention of neighbors," he added. Experienced in Olympic ceremonies, Italian Sara Berutto says the secret to the success of the event is "this addition of small jobs that in the end makes the show." "Solidarity is here. We need the person delivering the key of the cabinets, the one that puts the chairs in the meeting room. If these people are not valued, the show does not come out at the end," said the Italian in Turin, manager cast of volunteers. AIR CLOSED SPACE The careful not to leak the details of the party so much that the organizers managed to Anac's approval to close the airspace of the Maracana in a radius of one kilometer. About two months helicopter recorded the first changes inside the stadium. A stage has being building there. The stage is getting set design and special light. "Our intention is to surprise the spectator. We want the fans get there and find a Maracanã completely different," said Caetano, who also coordinates the Olympics closing ceremony and the other two of Paralympics. This month, the mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes (PMDB), said it needs R$ 250 million to fund the four ceremonies. He asked for help to the interim president Michel Temer. Source:http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/esporte/olimpiada-no-rio/2016/06/1786290-ensaio-para-abertura-da-rio-16-tem-fones-para-dancarinos-e-sigilo-absoluto.shtml "In a climbing wall outdoors, dancers rehearse precise movements." Deborah Colker dancers in a "clibing wall". Maybe are we going to see something like this? Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6GkCjcZ5RA
  8. So, no more photos. We will have to wait until august 5th. Or until some guy who is working at Maracanã post some picture.
  9. Well, I really loved all parts of London 2012 OC and CC. We have to admite that those ceremonies had a new concept.
  10. Be careful when you say those things. You are putting impeachment's supporters and people who don't think it's a coup in the same boat. Yes, I don't support Rousseff's impechment, I don't like her way of governing the country and much less the interim government of president Michel Temer. I never said that everything is fine in Brasi, here or anywhere. I do not think it's a coup. The president of the country was not deposed from office and stroke definitions of coup talks in a "sudden breakdown of democratic normalcy." This is a process that began in December 2015 and continues to this day. She could defend herself throughout the process. I can not say here if she will or not lose her position, I can't make this decision. I also think that Brazil is a democratic and sovereign country. Brazil has full condition to solve its internal problems. Remember that the impeachment is an internal process of the country and the greatest interesteds must be the brazilian people. I'm sorry that all those who wish the success of the Olympic Games are here labeled as people who "only want to know about the party" and people who "have no awareness of what's going on in the country. Not because I have a different opinion of his that so I am an "ignorant of politics." Not because I do not think there is a coup in the country Cunha support, Renan, Temer and others. Brazil is experiencing a very serious moment, it is true. But it made a commitment to the whole world to host the Olympic Games in Rio, we can't change that.
  11. There is no grass under the stage. Remember this: But they will plant the grass imidiatelly after the cermony. "The grass had to be removed because it would not take the sun below the base that serves as a stage for rehearsals of the opening. A 24-hour operation will reset the field in the stadium after opening ceremony for the football games. The grass used is the same type used in the World Cup 2014 and is already growing on a farm in Saquarema. Responsible lawn, Greenleaf has partnered with Spanish company that takes care of the Camp Nou (FC Barcelona stadium)." Source: http://globoesporte.globo.com/olimpiadas/noticia/2016/05/apos-finais-do-carioca-maracana-tem-gramado-retirado-para-olimpiadas.html
  12. Why didn't you say that this minister was also Rousseff's minister?
  13. - We thought in a second reform of Maracanã which ended up not being made. The conditions are really difficult. It has only two major access and four small side doors. You can not take 800 people field quickly. The chairs are low and if we put a lot things around the field you cover people's vision. And it will host football games we can not raise the floor. We had to create solutions, but we are happy with them - said the director. Source: http://globoesporte.globo.com/olimpiadas/noticia/2015/09/rio-2016-cerimonia-de-abertura-tera-limitacao-de-espaco-e-de-orcamento.html
  14. To me doesn't look. Remember that someguy posted here the picture when they were building it.
  15. Baron stills thinking that in Brazil we speak spanish I don't see this like elevated stage. The zoom makes it lookd confused. For me this like some package or structure covered by black canvas. Else, Meirelles had said they could not elevate the stage because the grass will be replanted right after the ceremony. Baron, could the gray part be the thecnical area? like those ones? http://cache1.asset-cache.net/gc/75603045-fireworks-explode-after-the-cauldron-is-lit-gettyimages.jpg?v=1&c=IWSAsset&k=2&d=9QMziWNtBI6whP66vhs4oeKe%2BDzpWVd9flRgMrs5pkDSRfM0fvqFNsrpEMUfQoLiBlbUTMLfWisV9mgKRw4lgg%3D%3D http://www.claypaky.it/media/news/images/PanamericanGames.jpg OBS: I was not allowed to put the images. I don't know why
  16. The video by Meirelles is the most famous from Rio candidature. Deborah Colker dancers:
  17. About the olympic rings I think it's a good idea to make them with people. Do you remember the video "unity" from candidature? It was produced by Fernando Meirelles, one of the directors of the ceremonies. About the concept at all, I think they will show a modern Rio. The video from the coreographer (Deborah Colker) some guy posted here keeps clear that they will show some part of Brazil's history. Else, the style of Colker is contemporary dance. They showed some part at the FIFA Confederations Cup Brasil 2013 opening ceremony. Unity by Fernando Meirelles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xucJTdUTMzA Coreography by Deborah Colker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlCaGE1BZRE FIFA Confederations Cup Brasil 2013: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KFjOOgeQbA
  18. Well, Federal support is on the Bid Book. If the comitte, Rio city hall or Rio state government needs any money to things related to the games the Federal Government have to provide the money that s need. I read that for Metro Line 4 they had already consulted the finance's minister Henrique Meirelles for support. And the interim president had said that the government will pay for everything Rio needs for the games.
  19. And I also would say that we are just supposing. But what happens here is that you always think that our ideas are bad ones. But yours, no, they're untouchtables.
  20. Yes. And this week president Temer asked the comitte if they need money for ceremonies. But the comitte don't want to spend public money directelly on ceremonies.
  21. The fact here is that Baron Pierre wants a ceremony he wont see in Rio. Because all he wants is fauna, flora and of course, carmem miranda. I don't think that Rio's ceremonies will be like Sidney. You started saying that when Meirelles said that the ceremony will cost less than London. Well, they don't need to spend a lot of money to make a great ceremony. The directors had said they will show what Brazil really is, Carnaval will be at the one of the ceremonies. Probably the CC, Rosa Magalhães is working with the CC. They will show Samba, not that one from the schools of samba, but the samba from Lapa neighborhood, from bars and botecos (pubs). It will be different from Rio 2007 OC, that one was like Sidney. Do you really think we don't have creativity of innovate? Make a different ceremony?
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