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  1. The singer was Seu Jorge. He was on London 2012 Olympic Flag Handover.
  2. BEST PARALYMPIC CEREMONY EVER Can you control the weather? So... This is all, folks!
  3. The closing ceremony was made for the athletes. A big carnaval party for the heroes of Rio 2016 olympic games. Unfortunately, the rain hurt the party. Lots of empty seats. Some people give up going to the ceremony because of the rain and strong winds (almost 80 km/h). Baron had his Carmem Miranda, everybody is happy. Good job Rio!
  4. Brasil has been good in paralympic sports. I believe that when the games gets started people will look for tickets. It is happening know with thw olympics. I know a lot of people who says that never even thought in going to the olympics and now they are trying to go. We can't say that Rio Paralympics won't work. A month ago the press was saying the same thing about the olympics, and look now. Of course there are a few problems, but it's not the tragedy some people were expecting. It's not the best olympics, but itsn't the worse.
  5. I think the solution is joining the Olympics and Paralympics as one event. Maybe a 1 month event like the FIFA World Cup, but two different events is costs to much. Instead of 4 ceremonies, 2, for example. Preparing food for 16,000 athletes is not much more expensive than preparing food for 10,000. The venues have already to be build thinking in both events. I don't see many obstacles.
  6. This segment s called Pindorama. This is a indigenous name for Brazil before the portuguese colonization.
  7. I forgot to put the picture. Sorry about that.
  8. I just said that. You have to see all his speech. They're getting only one phrase and taking from the context. The media wil criticize Rio Olympics every time until August 6th. After the opening ceremony they will probably stop criticizing. I saw this film two years ago on the FIFA World Cup. This is not a problem from Rio, it happens every time a south country hosts some important event. Unfortunately, this is the truth.
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