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  1. Best way to get them is to check it constantly like you have OCD, especially closer to the Games. It's all about a combination of luck, timing, and desire.
  2. At this point, we should all be used to the fear mongering yellow journalism that abounds for every Olympics due to the media needing clickbait. I think that was highlighted nowhere more than in Sochi where NBC tried to say that as soon as you connected to the internet in Russia, hackers were having their way with you. It turns out that they just had a reporter type in Sochi, go to sketch unofficial websites and open attachments, and shocker, he got viruses... just like you would doing that anywhere in America. http://www.engadget.com/2014/02/06/nbc-hacking-sochi-dispute/ I went to London
  3. So long as Toronto keeps electing known crack fiends as high ranking public officials, I don't think you've got room to talk trash about other cities...
  4. So I've traveled to over 70 countries and Brazil, with Rio in particular, being notably magical. There's something about the culture and the hustle and bustle that is magical to me. Safety is a relative term. I don't think Rio is dangerous to the point where anyone except the very paranoid should cancel a trip. That being said, Rio is absolutely a dangerous city and you should take precautions. There's always safety in numbers, both within your group and with the surrounding area Understand the traffic flow where you are. I've stayed in centro a couple of times, and it absolutely shuts
  5. I don't want to answer 1 and 2, because I feel those are more resident questions. 3) Theoretically, travel is free throughout the city for every day you have a ticket to an event. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure they're separate. 4) There are meters, but a few are rigged. I once got one from SDU where it was flying. Otherwise, I feel that taxis are pretty affordable, especially compared to European standards 5) Check the route of the Real bus. If you're near a stop, it's super convenient. You'd probably get to the area around 6 AM after customs and baggage pickup, so you'd likely be fine
  6. Man, and I thought that Cosport was bad. My friend just told me that Cartan is charging a $75 "delivery fee" on top of the normal 20% per ticket mark up. That doesn't sound so crazy. Cosport charges $35, Dertour charges about $100 for international deliveries. The difference is that Cartan doesn't send your tickets out. That's the delivery fee for PICKING UP your tickets in Rio. There is no actual delivery option.
  7. Probably not what you want to hear, but I had a friend who was able to purchase both men and women team and AA finals. She was obsessively checking and refreshing though. By the time I got in ten minutes later, a number of things I was interested in were already gone. Swimming finals were gone, women's beach vball final gone. I was able to get a swimming prelim, men's soccer final, women's water polo final.
  8. I could be wrong, but I think they pretty explicitly say they don't make guarantees about tickets being together. Hope and pray is all you can do. It wasn't an issue at Sochi, because most events weren't sold out, so they didn't have to make any difficult logistic decisions...
  9. Does the airport still have the problem where cards used in the ATM machines at GIG get cloned and illegally used elsewhere?
  10. I think BV and tennis should be really easy to move. Early BV is one of the best values on the slate. Four matches, on Copacabana for $25?
  11. I got downgraded from A to C in a freestyle wrestling event in Round 1, so I can attest that they were doing that. It makes you wonder who the hundred or so people were who got the 100m final and didn't pay up for them...
  12. Americans went savage on Cosport. Even ping pong is sold out!
  13. In 2024, people are probably still going to have a voracious appetite for sporting events, and tickets are only likely to be harder to come by. This is doubly true if it ends up being in a sports loving country like the United States. The host nation will always end up getting the vast majority of the tickets as they're most likely to come. Your 50/25/25 allocation idea doesn't work specifically because of countries like Denmark. Smaller countries often don't have enough fans to guarantee 4,000-20,000 fans a game, especially should Denmark qualify in a sport they're not traditionally good
  14. I would highly recommend trying to sell them before going, as you don't want to be mistaken for scalping in Brazil... Handball is hit and miss. If you get a game with Germany, it'll be easy to get rid of, but two unpopular teams and you'll likely have to take a loss.
  15. Canadian Cosport is open for business. Not in the US yet. Lot of Athletics available.
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