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  1. Yeah, they've done the same for characters like Prof Sycamore, Lysandre and even Archie from OR/AS Man the Tumblr community is full of thirsty hoes...
  2. Seriously, what is up with Pokémon fans these days? http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2016-06-02/sun-and-moon-topless-pokemon-professor-has-fans-hot-and-bothered/.102798 Pretty much every Pokémon fan, male and female have got the hots for the new professor, Kukui. All because he has no shirt on... And the fact that he has a wedding ring on is still making them thirsty! http://kotaku.com/people-are-thirsty-for-pokemon-sun-and-moons-hot-new-pr-1780107856 And some artists on Tumblr have took it to the extreme and turned him into a pin up... Seriously, dem hoes is thirsty!
  3. So that means they could put those screens into good use like London did with the LEDs on the stadium seats. Like they could put up the Sugarloaf Mountain onto the screens or something like it.
  4. I'd love to see a Carmen Miranda reference. With a few of her songs featured. After all, she did make Brazil and its culture well-known back in the 40s.
  5. They also gave the mascots a set of emojis, I think. The mascots imo are adorable but the emojis are a bit of a put off for some people as they sort of look stereotypically Asian and anime like The emojis would probably used in South Korea only on Vine and other social networks by the looks of it.
  6. Knew this would happen. Another troll on the loose...
  7. Seriously, you don't know jack about the Olympics, mate.
  8. That would be good but would it make the Olympics sound like a negative thing?
  9. Since this year will be the year when PyeongChang would probably reveal their mascots for the 2018 Games, I thought I'd make a discussion thread about it. So basically you can come up with ideas you think would suit the mascot. Like animals that represent Korea or even something unusual and Asian.
  10. Maybe they could expand the color pallette later on by adding other colors like shades of blue, purple or red. And maybe they could add the Olympic colours in too with some brighter and darker shades of different colours like London and Rio
  11. To be honest, this logo actually looks decent. It would look a lot better animated though with the checkers pulsating to make the logo. The Paralympic logo animation could have the same idea but with a minor difference. The pulsating could start from the top center of the logo.
  12. I have the right to call you what I want to. You're are a troll. 100% percent troll. You are not the boss of us and everyone here has the right to call you stuff and put up stupid posts because everyone hates you and you're stupid as ****! Now just leave and never come back. Or else. How does it feel to be threatened by someone you threatened yourself? Because I feel hurt now that you've done it.
  13. XD! Nice one! I bet his brain is a taco itself anyway.
  14. Yeah, Blake is so stupid. He can't even use the internet properly
  15. LOL Seriously, just leave this place. No-one wants to talk to you. We know you're just some idiot who's made his own account on the forum just to annoy us. Plus you type like a retard. And I'm talking to you, TeamBlakeUSA
  16. My God, not this idiot again. We can obviously see they're not ready so just go away and leave us alone!
  17. Please, TeamBlakeUSA. Stop being a troll and just leave us alone!
  18. According to NBC News, Rio 2016 organizers are confused as to where to put the Olympic cauldron after the opening ceremony (as it's in a football stadium this time). http://olympics.nbcsports.com/2016/03/08/rio-olympic-cauldron-medal-designs-slogan/ Also the medal designs have been approved and the slogan will be revealed within two to three weeks according to Rio 2016 spokesman, Mario Andrada. He also stated there will be NO multiple cauldrons, just one. It's weird that despite the fact that Vancouver 2010 had two cauldrons, no summer games has ever had multiple cauldrons. The ticket designs will also be revealed when there's about less than 100 days to the opening ceremony.
  19. I don't see why everyone's starting to hate the logo. I for one, am liking it. It's retro-modern, simple and sleek. The colours are different from Rio's bright colours. Besides, the logos make Japan look smart and sophisticated if you compared it to the warmth and friendliness of Brazil. I wondering how they would use the colours and shapes in banners, advertisements, posters etc.
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