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  1. I know that. I was just saying they would probably sing the anthem in Portuguese in the closing ceremony. I guess they haven't translated the lyrics into Portuguese yet. Which may have been the reason why they'll be singing in English
  2. Hello.

    Where did you get the Rio 2016 font for the Boa Sorte pic?

  3. Well, Rio is a vibrant city so why go for something boring when you can add a splash of liveliness and color to the ceremony?
  4. Um, no it won't It has to be someone from the host country. Also please don't make about transgender people please.
  5. Well, they did say that the ceremony will cost less than London's did so of course they're going for the basics
  6. I wonder what those blocky things are? Are they part of the artistic section? It seems that they're going for something simple for the artistic section, I guess.
  7. Ugh, when will you ever learn to realise how to spell properly. Because I can obviously see you're spamming the forums with your nonsense that never happens in real life. Go get a life, you idiot.
  8. Those posters actually look really nice and some look very summery and Brazilian. Hope Rio hosts a great games in August. ^^
  9. Well, duh. We're not dumb unlike you. We don't need a reminder every day, do we?
  10. You sound like an NBC announcer. One of the bad ones. And we already know the date, you brainless half-wit.
  11. TBH, I think Viva Essa Energia was a much better and more Brazillian theme song for any sport event in Brazil. The Olympic one for Rio doesn't sound very Brazillian. I was expecting some samba-style rhythms and beats in it.
  12. France 3, one of the France Télévisions channels have unveiled a charming and hilarious promo for Rio 2016. http://medias.lenodal.com/video.php?id=18517 It features Olympic athletes moving in and living in what seems to be a French-looking hotel. Unfortunately, for Mr. Hotel Porter and the guests at his hotel, the athletes seem to make their experience a little less enjoyable. Hope you enjoy!
  13. Oh, and I thought you died in a car accident. I wished that did happen though. That way, I wouldn't see your **** filled posts every day. And I'd be crying tears of joy by now.
  14. Judging by his shirt, he must be one of the stage builders.
  15. Uh, who are you calling an asshole, might I ask?
  16. Yeah, I guess this is better than just putting it on normal threads... Thanks...
  17. I think I saw that. It's really cool. And I like the French Royals theme they went with. And their slogan is actually a pun of the motto of France, "Liberte, Egalite, Fratilite"
  18. Seriously, why can GBMod just kick him out of the forums! He obviously has no right to troll us and accuse of stuff we haven't even done to him. So he could just suspend his account or something...
  19. The BBC will be unveiling their theme song for their Euro 2016 coverage during BBC Breakfast and then on iPlayer on Monday. The theme will be a modern version of a French classic. "La Foule" by the legendary Edith Piaf will be recorded into a modern version by Izzy Bizu and the BBC Concert Orchestra. Here's the original version if you guys wanna listen. I'll bring you the BBC version on Monday.
  20. XD Well, it turns out that Kukui's taken because he has a wedding ring on his index finger.
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