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  1. Hey. Where did you get the Miraitowa pic for your profile picture?

  2. Very true, my friend. These people just moan about this like the idiots they are to gain publicity and controversy. Can't they just let the Greatest Show on Earth go on in peace?
  3. They also revealed info on their schedules. Events from night to mid-morning will be on BBC One and then will switch over to BBC Two as BBC One has their breakfast show, BBC Breakfast from 6 to 9am every day. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/winter-olympics/42735569# More info here on the BBC Sport website. The opening ceremony will have live coverage on BBC One from 10:30am to 2:00pm. The Closing Ceremony and the final events of the Games will be on BBC Two from 6am all the way to 2pm as BBC One will be showing Breakfast at the same time.
  4. The BBC have just revealed their official promo for the 2018 Winter Olympics and it's brilliant! https://theident.gallery/bbc1/olympics2018/BBC-2018-PROMO-OLYMPICS-FEARLESS-1.mp4
  5. Hmm, kinda looks generic for now compared to the biker doves in London, the ballet from Sochi and the paper doves from Rio. They'll probably have white outfits on the day the ceremony happens. And maybe a projection of a dove on the stage.
  6. Like look at what South Korea gives to us now. They make electronics, K-Pop and cars from companies such as Hyundai, KIA and SsangYong
  7. Judging from this strange but cool looking prop, there's probably gonna be a segment paying tribute to South Korea's technology and how it's changed over the years.
  8. Japan are probably going to do the same thing in Tokyo, it's just most of the country's names are either written in katakana or kanji, two letter styles of the Japanese language. Katakana is mainly used for transliterating foreign words or names in the Japanese language. Kanji is just basically Chinese characters with Japanese pronunciations. Like Greece's Japanese name is Girisha so I guess that's how it will go in Tokyo. Also Beijing are gonna probably do what they did with their parade back in 2008.
  9. I have to say this but Pyeongchang has surprisingly done a splendid job getting ready for the 2018 Games. A lot better than Rio and Sochi tbh. Here's to the first Games of the Asian Olympic Boom. And I'm so going to be at Tokyo 2020 once tickets are out.
  10. Oh, I loved Heartcatch because it had the same staff from Ojamajo Doremi (I love that show) and some of the episodes/plot were also quite dark for a kids' show. I think they did that to draw in older viewers/fans. Fresh kinda did that when it was aired as it had older-looking Cures. It's kinda like a pattern in the later seasons until now. Suite and HappinessCharge had older looking Cures and the rest had younger looking ones due to their different art styles. Heartcatch's designs actually made the Cures look a lot younger than previous and later seasons.
  11. Cute! So did you see the first episode of KiraKira A La Mode? The eyecatch is so cute and so is Cure Whip's transformation! (her transformation music is also really good, Hayashi Yuki did a great job composing) The eyecatch in fact was animated by one of the animators on Dragon Ball Super, Koudai Watanabe
  12. When will you ever get a brain? And a keyboard typing learner's permit?
  13. They'll probably use 2 cauldrons at the same time a la Innsbruck. By having a former Japanese athlete lighting the 1964 one and maybe a currently known Japanese athletes lighting a new, modern looking one for 2020.
  14. Well, the designers said that the sculpture is wind-powered. So it will probably move if it gets windy in Rio.
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