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  1. Bhambri vs Baghdatis - live on @SonyTenSports Thanks for the live telecast, hope it continues for doubles as well.

  2. @jetairways Hope it is not those tasteless wraps again..

  3. After a long time - 20/20 @Pvsindhu1 #badminton #IndiaOpenSuper500

  4. @MarriottRewards 1 #RewardsPoints

  5. @BeingMinchu @ISSF_Shooting Even I can't wait!

  6. I have still not heard from you. Please solve my problem on urgrnt basis.

  7. @MarriottRewards I'm still missing my points from my stay at Mussoorie. I filed a missing points claim, uploaded th… https://t.co/fjB5OnE6wm

  8. @MarriottRewards Thanks. Hope now at least yoy cam solve it and credit my points.

  9. @Cafcmatt @volshy Volshy is great! Who can beat him? In Rio2016, he helped everyone but said he is not coming but m… https://t.co/FpIsjP671V

  10. @MarriottRewards I've still not got points or a reply. You said I will get it within a day but it has been 7 days.… https://t.co/osGC3fcK3v

  11. Yet another medal for India! It's has been a fantastic #shooting world cup. Fantastic performance by Anjum Mudgal.

  12. Look who I met today. Kara and Nate - My favourite YouTubers and travel vloggers . I took them… https://t.co/xkLZG83b99

  13. @BeingMinchu If i get use to, then there will be no fun left.. Heart attack make the match so much more interesting to watch!

  14. @CNTIndia Can you find the stated price of Rs. 23,000 on any date?

  15. @gaGunNarang @GC2018 @ioaindia @Media_SAI @OGQ_India All the best..Can't wait for CWG and cheer for India!!

  16. @BeingMinchu @kapil857 Only @kapil857 is asking such stupid questions

  17. Any live streaming link for Squash?

  18. India ends the day with another Gold!!! Amazing performance by women Table Tennis team to beat mighty Singapore!! W… https://t.co/ddtPx8Q2lV

  19. RT @kapil857: So after ending Singapore's 4-CWG long dominance in women team table tennis, India have now ended Malaysia's 3-CWG long domin…

  20. Indian women hockey team also storms into Semis!!! #CWG2018

  21. Wow, what just happened!! India making a goal instead of conceiving in the last minute to win against England!!… https://t.co/OYOrjdS3Gz

  22. Woohoo, it happened finally!! Saurav/Dipika into Mixed Doubles Finals! Defeated NZ on sudden death in the 3rd game… https://t.co/mKbOql1HWV

  23. @kapil857 @SonyLIV It stated live on sonyliv..

  24. Already started missing #Gc2018 It was super fun cheering for India and following everything on Twitter and not so… https://t.co/88uY4o0jBz

  25. @DiggySinghDeo @WIONews @RaninderSingh I, at least as an Indian fans won't have much interest without shooting..

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