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  1. @jetairways Why are you obsessed with wraps? Be it bf, lunch, evening, dinner, you serve wraps which taste most awful. Rather sell food.

  2. I just entered @LoyaltyLobby's giveaway for a 100,000 IHG Rewards Club hotel points! https://t.co/RzAH5SF2o9

  3. @India_AllSports Is it coming on TV?

  4. @India_AllSports They already lost on Sunday, so no perfect day for Indian sports..It's a new day now!!

  5. RT @StarSportsIndia: @KavitaChou Watch Sania Mirza/Shuai Peng v Yung-Jan Chan/Martina Hingis at 9:30 PM on Select 1/1 HD. Catch matches of…

  6. @airindiain I want to do a group booking for 20 people. How to do? No one pics up at Mumbai centre, called them 15 times.

  7. Wow... What a match going.. If some1 not watching, missing big time.. Predictions for 3rd set? Again a 20-20?? #Badminton #Sindhu #Okuhara

  8. I just entered @LoyaltyLobby's giveaway for $500 USD in Travel Miles and Points. https://t.co/RzAH5SnqZz

  9. RT @HeenaSidhu10: Another silver medal for India.... Deepa Malik. Its strange we had Sakshi Malik and Deepa karmakar, now v have a new cham…

  10. @BeingMinchu @kapil857 you guys are make me relaize that 4 yrs is like really far away..

  11. @BeingMinchu @KavitaChou @kapil857 thats the whole point.. There are so many points to pick Lee on but they chosed 1 stupid point.

  12. RT @rogerfederer: Missing the @usopen, but having an amazing time enjoying the Swiss mountains #OnTheMoveWithRF #Switzerland https://t.co/x…

  13. Anything can happen in a game of Tennis. Nevertheless well fought.. @SakethMyneni

  14. @LukeFritz64 Congrats and wish you a happy married life!!

  15. @matt_shoreditch Hahaha... Wish we can!! After Rio2016, we have been talking of Tokyo2020 but depends on how costly tickets will be.

  16. @matt_shoreditch So ticket hunt for Tokyo2020 starts soon?? :).. It is really loads of work to go to Olympics.. Hats off to you guys.

  17. So ticket hunt for Tokyo2020 starts soon?? :).. It is really loads of work to go to Olympics.. Hats off to you guys.

  18. @volshy thanks for your views. I felt it was just way too long and it cant be this be long in other olympics. So wanted to check wid u guys.

  19. #2012tweeps How was the walk to reach to the stadiums in Rio compared to London and other olympics?

  20. What a match. What an atmosphere.. All worth it.. Can it get better than this tomo?

  21. Woho, finally some good result.. Go @Pvsindhu1 all the way... Coming to cheer you on 18th and 19th..Finally tics wont go waste..

  22. @balaramy6ec813 exaclty now u get what i am saying. Indians just understand language of cricket.

  23. @PaullyD25 what price you willing to pay?

  24. @mihirsv i hope this time we have some good news.

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