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  1. After a long time - 20/20 @Pvsindhu1 #badminton #IndiaOpenSuper500

  2. @jetairways Hope it is not those tasteless wraps again..

  3. Bhambri vs Baghdatis - live on @SonyTenSports Thanks for the live telecast, hope it continues for doubles as well.

  4. @kapil857 He must have just watched Dangal to learn about wrestling!

  5. @LiveFromALounge The vile parle one was crazy..it seemed entire Mumbai was there and misal was just ordinary.. https://t.co/Xld71PQFSn

  6. @BeingMinchu @kapil857 Thanks..

  7. @KatochBikash @India_AllSports Hmm sad.. Waited all day for it..

  8. @BeingMinchu @kapil857 Yeah.. Anthem at tokyo 2020 is our dream..

  9. @MarriottRewards 15 yard line #RewardsPoints

  10. @MarriottRewards @NFL Hey, I still didn't get a confirmation from you.

  11. @MarriottRewards @NFL 160 feet #RewardsPoints

  12. @MarriottRewards #RewardsPoints

  13. @MarriottRewards @NFL 16 #RewardsPoints

  14. Reminds me of those days when I sat on the computer straight for 24 hrs to get Sachin's last test match tickets.… https://t.co/kiVducwVTY

  15. @MarriottRewards @NFL 11. #RewardsPoints

  16. @BeingMinchu @kapil857 Even i don't watch premier league.. In my opinion, definitely not a benchmark..

  17. @MarriottRewards @NFL 15 minutes #RewardsPoints

  18. @MarriottRewards @NFL 10 feet #RewardsPoints

  19. Finally got to see a medal!! Amanpreet Singh comes through when our favorite Jitu Rai has a bad day. Loved the commentary by @CoachRonak

  20. @kapil857 @BeingMinchu Indians always win as underdog.. Tokyo it will be where we will see winning ????..

  21. @MarriottRewards @NFL Pennsylvania #RewardsPoints

  22. @MarriottRewards Canton Ohio #RewardsPoints

  23. @mobyspl When will the schedule and booking for the ferry from Helsinki to St Petersburg will be available?

  24. @MarriottRewards @NFL 53 #RewardsPoints

  25. RT @Joydas: No Change in GST on Sanitary Napkins. But GST reduced on Khakhra. Because Gujarat Elections. Narendra Modi Govt has its Priorit…

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