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  1. Does anybody on here know the rules of the second round ticket lottery for Brazil residents - I asked a friend in Brazil who tried for tickets in the first round and managed to get some tickets if they could try for some tickets for me in the second round, my friend was happy to do this except he said he cannot apply in the second round since he got tickets in the first round - I re-call something similar for the London Olympics, can anybody confirm this is the case for Brazil ?

    Your friend can apply in second draw. Only requirement is you should have applied in first draw and completed the purchase. Since he applied in first draw, he definitely can apply for tickets in second draw. It just states that who didn't get tickets in first draw will be given preference in second draw. All the rules are clearly written on Rio 2016 official site.

  2. Hi Cece,
    If you really want to go for Olympics, go all out and try to get those tics. Try for Dutch ATR on Monday, Kingdom sports is opening live sale tomorrow (They are selling in 43 nations, if you have friend in any 1 of those countries who will be willing to give you their details), Brazil draw in July and all the sales which will come in the future.
    You are lucky to book your hotel already, where so many are struggling with it.
    Flights usually open only 11 months in advance, so at least you can try to secure tics till then. If you bag some imp tics, then you can go and book your flights. At least you should try everything till flight rates increases.

    Imagine I don't even have an ATR in my country who is selling tics. I tried everything possible, and even got 200 meters men's final. I wanted TE026 badly, and contacted a very old school friend in UK who I've not spoken in yrs. And in German ATR, tried for 3 hrs but no success. After 15 hrs, I got a confirmation that I've got the B category. I'll take it and will still try to get A cat.

    I contacted at least 30 hotels, all said they are full and my hope was on Accor hotel. But after reading above views, I'm really worried. So you've got 1 hurdle crossed to live your dreams of seeing Olympics.

  3. Hi Cece,

    You can visit Brazil site - http://tinyurl.com/o3g46y8 and click on events you want to see. Then click on i tab on the right hand side. It will show you which tics are available and which are full. If your friend in Brazil had regietered for an account (Maybe they might be going), you can request them to apply for you on second draw which begins on 1st July. You should try, might get lucky as 70% tickets are reserved for Brazilians, so chances are high. If they have not registered, then you can try in live sales in October.

    If you can, get your friend's details in Germany. Then you can try all the live sales of EU ATR's, somewhere you may get lucky. The next sale is on Monday for Dutch ATR. EU residents can buy tics from any EU country.

    May I ask, which hotel you booked and where? I have been searching for months to get a hotel, but no luck.

  4. How does Dertour work? I see they are an ATR but can I buy them if I am not a German citizen? I do speak German so I can manage the site.

    You can buy if you have friends in EU. You will have to enter their address, phone number and name. Then they can transfer payment ( I am not sure how it works, because I recieved a confirmation for payments, which is all German and google translator failed to transalte) to Dertour, and your firends can courier tickets to you.

  5. This is my first time trying to go to the Olympics and this is all new territory for me. I got 4 of the 48 requested on my account and 0 of 48 on my son's, who is going with me. After being shut out on the first round. I have to admit I was kind of stunned as we requested things like early round badminton and water polo. As we are committed to attending (when my son's father died, I promised a trip if he kept on the straight and narrow when he graduated from high school and this is the trip he choose), I am wondering what other options might be available. We are more interested in the Olympic experience--not the big name finals. It sounds like tickets just aren't available--and I want to be aware of any option we can pursue.

    Hi Paulav,

    Keep checking #2012tweeps on twitter, they announce details about sales of tickets as soon as they have. So it is a good way to keep track of things. Many of them are very helpful in answering your doubts. Also it would be great if you could find a friend in Europe who can buy tics for you. Under EU rule, a resident in Eu can buy from any of the EU ATR's. So possibilities are way more to buy tickets.

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