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  1. #2012tweeps any1 has 4 spare tickets for TE026? So narrowly missed it. First put A in basket, failed on payments. Then failed 5 times for B.

  2. #2012tweeps Does any one has a list of ATR's in Eu/EEA which will deliver the tickets? I think sportsworld & Cartan are not doing delivery.

  3. #2012tweeps Eventeam sales start. Again No TE tics. Who has them all? However can see see 200m mens final.

  4. #2012tweeps Lesson learned from chasing tics - When site works fast, don't get excited. May not have any decent tics available #disappointed

  5. #2012tweeps The blue thing with Cosport proved right unfortunately. Got only 1 Archery out of 24 sessions applied in 2 accounts. #rio2016

  6. #2012Tweeps Tics bought through Cartan must be collected in Rio , so anyone buying through their friend in EU, can't buy.

  7. #2012tweeps, after nearly 15 hrs, I got confirmation asking for transfer of payment. Please can any one advise what is the last date for it.

  8. @air_seychelles I've booked flights. How can I seat select?

  9. @airindiain I want to do a group booking for 20 people. How to do? No one pics up at Mumbai centre, called them 15 times.

  10. @balaramy6ec813 exaclty now u get what i am saying. Indians just understand language of cricket.

  11. @BeingMinchu @ISSF_Shooting Even I can't wait!

  12. @BeingMinchu @kapil857 Even i don't watch premier league.. In my opinion, definitely not a benchmark..

  13. @BeingMinchu @kapil857 Only @kapil857 is asking such stupid questions

  14. @BeingMinchu @kapil857 Thanks..

  15. @BeingMinchu @kapil857 that u cuming to shooting? If you are come to range c

  16. @BeingMinchu @kapil857 Yeah.. Anthem at tokyo 2020 is our dream..

  17. @BeingMinchu @kapil857 yes, will have on 9th.

  18. @BeingMinchu @kapil857 you guys are make me relaize that 4 yrs is like really far away..

  19. @BeingMinchu @KavitaChou @kapil857 thats the whole point.. There are so many points to pick Lee on but they chosed 1 stupid point.

  20. @BeingMinchu If i get use to, then there will be no fun left.. Heart attack make the match so much more interesting to watch!

  21. @buffetsbydesign @matt_shoreditch i have spare for today morning. If you want let me know asap.

  22. @Cafcmatt @volshy Volshy is great! Who can beat him? In Rio2016, he helped everyone but said he is not coming but m… https://t.co/FpIsjP671V

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