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  1. The problem is that the IOC can interpret the AGENDA 2020 in every direction (if it cares at all). Either it puts emphasis on cutting costs - then the OG will only be awarded to megacities because megacities will most likely have most needed facilities in place. Or it puts emphasis on the legacy - then megacities still have an advantage because they are simply more cabable of swallowing an event of such size without going bankrupt. The only perspectives that might work in favor of Hamburg is if the IOC really wants to encourage non-megacities to apply in order to broaden the number of contenders for future bids. Or if the IOC wants to get rid of the stamp that the games are a big gigantic mess and really want to downsize this. In this case it would be nice to award the games to a non-gigantic city for matter of being consequent. Anyway, I like the concept of Hamburg (yes, and it is expensive but with a meaningful legacy) but I doubt that the IOC will not be attracted by the lure of Paris or LA...
  2. There are several subway and railway stations within walking distance to the Olympic quarter (see arrows in the map below), possibly also a temporary one in the south. I doubt that ferries will play a significant role for the transport of most of the spectators, also for security reasons.
  3. Some new renderings of the olympic facilities planned for Hamburg: The aquatic centre (post-olympic use with beach) Olympic stadium converted into housing: Archery in the "Stadtpark" Water polo Olympic dome (e.g. basketball, gymnastics) is to be converted into into a cruise ship terminal
  4. Maybe it is time to remember that the famous document from 1189 signed by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, in which Hamburg merchants are granted freedom from customs duties for ships sailing the Elbe from Hamburg to the North Sea is actually a fake... not sure what this means in legal terms for the multinational negotiations regarding the to-be olympic distrinct in the harbour...
  5. There has been another public round-table discussion, this time on the topic "sustainability". The link to the video (in German):
  6. Thanks for sharing. One can sense that the organizers strive not being labeled "intransparent" by any means. Hope this helps for the referendum.
  7. I am sure that mass evacuation plans are under consideration especially after the Loveparade desaster 2010 in Duisburg with many fatalities (many partygoers died in this event because there was a fatal bottleneck in the escape corridors).
  8. A preliminary decision reagarding the layout of the "Olympic City" in the harbour area has been made (the final decision will be presented on 23 June): in particular the aquatic center (Schwimmhalle) moved away from the main island. The olympic dome for basketball etc. ("Olympiahalle") will be transformed into a terminal for cruise ships, while the post-game use of the olympic stadium and the aquatic center are still under debate. The IBC/MPC is on an area which houses active companies that still have to be persuaded to leave this area... BTW: Michel Platini (head of UEFA) mentioned today that Germanys chances for running the Euro 2024 will be rather small in the case the Hamburg would get the right for hosting the Olympics in 2024 (here an article in english: http://www.sport24.co.za/Soccer/International/Germanys-Euro-Olympic-double-in-doubt-20150609).Nothing new...
  9. Here are some other ideas for the stadium - this time with a decent roof. For the olympic use: The swimming pool: One of the currently four discussed scenarios for the central "Olympic City" within the habour including the olympic stadium, olympic dome and swim arena, plus the athlete's village etc.
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