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  1. According to the CoSport web site:

    Rio 2016 competition venues are located within 4 primary clusters: Deodoro, Maracana, Barra, and Copacabana. The Olympic Park is located in Barra. We recommend that you allow at least two to three hours between events on the same day (at least 30 minutes for consecutive events both held within the Olympic Park). Be particularly mindful of travel time between venues, passage through security checks and any other foreseeable delays. Please refer to www.rio2016.com

  2. Get the tickets while you can. I had no problem in London getting ride of excess tickets using twitter. Both sold and swapped tickets so i am hoping it will be the same in Rio.

    You will always find somewhere to stay it just depends how much you are willing to pay. Anyone be interested in apartment shearing? have contacted a few of airbnb but as yet not taking bookings.

    The problem with airbnb is that the owner can cancel the reservation at any time. So basically, if rents go up, the person cancels your reservation. If prices go down, you are stuck with the current price. Not a good situation.

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