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  1. We managed to grab Beach VB, Diving (10M Syncro), and Art. Gym along with a couple of other lesser events. Amazed that they had so many tickets available after having 2 lotteries. After getting skunked in the first 2 rounds I am very happy with what we were able to grab. Now to find the elusive Opening Ceremony.
  2. CoSport released US tickets today. Still many available.
  3. To me, it is the games that matter. It is a plus if you can see your country play.
  4. Your guess is as good as anyone's. Hope it is not too early West coast time.
  5. Have also read in a couple of places that the Norwegian Getaway will be stationed in Rio as a floating hotel. If you look on the Norwegian web site is shows the Getaway as not being available for August of next year so that appears to confirm that the Getaway will be there. Last year the ships at Sochi (Adler) worked out fairly well (with the exception of the transportation to and from the Adler port - but I think that was something unique to Sochi).
  6. When we went to the Vancouver Olympics, we had to take a bus up to the snow venues. I saw people who were denied entrance because they had bought their tickets from either a ticket agency and/or Ebay and they were refused entrance because their tickets were reported as stolen. I am not saying that it happens all the time but it does happen. I also saw people that had bought tickets from ticket agencies but the agency did not actually have the tickets so they wound up at the last minute looking for tickets and having to fight to get their money back from the agent. The key is to protect yourself and make sure you get as many assurances as possible if you buy from an unknown source. I have bought tickets on Ebay and had absolutely no problem with the seller. I did have an issue in London where the seller was shipping to my hotel in London (due to late distribution of tickets) and the hotel chain decided at the last minute to not accept any parcel deliveries for guests (security concerns). But it all worked out due to the concierge working to find the package after the hotel had refused it. Bottom line is to take as many cautions as possible.
  7. Remember, there are a lot of dumb people in the world. They do something thinking they will never be caught (like people who rob banks knowing that there are cameras all over the place).
  8. Just received a note from Accor MegaEvents. They expect to release individual rooms the first quarter of next year.
  9. At this point in time, there is no way I would pay a premium through ebay. Remember, the seller will need to pay ebay / PayPal about 13% to sell plus they want to make a profit. Why not wait to see what you can get via live sales in the coming few months. Also, even if the seller sends you a copy of the "invoice" what ensures that he will mail you the tickets or mail them to you but tell the ATR that they were stolen? There can also be an issue if the tickets were bought in Brazil. That is they had "senior citizen" tickets that were half price but they required that the holder be a Brazilian citizen.
  10. You can't get to Aug from the "main" page. To get to the later dates, on the main page put in a city like Rio and a booking date of June something. Then search. On that page you should then be able to put in the August dates. Good luck.
  11. Thought I would post here. For anyone searching for Hotels / Apartments for during the Olympics you will see various booking companies like HomeAway.com. However make sure you do a Google search on the rental company. For example, HomeAway gets horrible reviews from people that have used their service.
  12. Drupha, I agree with almost everything you say. Another caution for Ebay is that if a person is selling tickets now, he / she will not have them in hand for another year. Even IF the seller was to send you a copy of his CoSport invoice, you have no assurance that he / she will actually mail the tickets to you in a year. Sure, Ebay and PayPal do have fraud guarantees but it does not cover something that is bought now and not shipped until a year from now. Same with your credit card. Also, what would stop any 3rd party seller from claiming that the ticket was stolen and you are rejected at the gate?
  13. I know this does not actually belong in the ticketing thread but I have been in contact with Accor hotels. They have a few hotels in Rio. According to Accor, all their Olympic reservations are being taken care of by their "Mega Events" group (megaevents@accor.com). According to that group, they are currently only handling group reservations at this time. However, they expect to release hotel rooms to individuals in early 2016. Rooms will be posted on their normal Accorhotels.com web site.
  14. Personally, Durpha did not minimize anyone's chances. He just expressed his opinion on the possibility of getting tickets in the various fashions. That being said, my experience with a hotel concierge is that they will just go to a ticket agency and buy a ticket - unless, of course, you have a great relationship with them (read used them before for similar services and know them personally). Why would they go to a lot of work to get you a "special deal" when you may, or may not, give them a substantial tip. Also, what would happen to the concierge if you had a problem with the ticket and they had bought it off a scalper or some other unknown person? Scalpers are a crap shoot. The real issue is that for expensive events you need to carry cash and Rio is known for pick pockets who will be watching. I would not want to carry that much cash around. Also, they will hold out with high prices until the last minute when they know they will not be able to unload the tickets for a high price. Regarding the Brazilian draw...... it is worth a shot if you know someone in country. Anything that gives you another chance at getting tickets should be taken. For befriending a member of the team.......If you can do it then you should. For most people, however, it is impossible to become very close friends with an athlete such that they would sell you tickets. That being said, we have received very few tickets in the initial draws. We will continue to explore all avenues to get tickets and believe we will be successful.
  15. In London the first few days had tons of empty seats because the people who got the seats for free did not show up. Later on, London started using "seat fillers" so that it looked good for television. Sochi was prepared and had thousands of seat fillers on standby (at the venues) in order to fill as many seats as possible.
  16. I agree completely with drupha. In the past, the only way we got tickets was through CoSport, friends on the internet, or Ebay. The later two, of course, involve some risk.....but it is a way to get tickets. Key is to check out who you are dealing with and take your best shot.
  17. Al in NYC, The OC found out about CoSport reselling tickets from a number of sponsors and CoSport got in a lot of trouble for it. Don't think they will do that again. Fantome14, I can fully understand not wanting to put in the effort getting the tickets. It all depends on how "important" the Olympic games are to you. For some of us, we really want to go and we have the time / $ to make it happen. In our case, we have a couple of set of tickets for events that are OK - by far not our first choice. However, we have been to 4 different Olympic games (including Sochi) and feel that the effort we put in is all worth it. Unfortunately we don't have close friends in Europe so that avenue is out for us. We will be watching CoSport / Ebay / twitter very closely to see what additional tickets become available. Again, everyone puts a different emphasis on the Olympics.....if you want an "easy" overseas trip then the Olympics are not for you. Too hard to get tickets and hotel rooms - but for others it is what we really want to do.
  18. Olympic pins have been a common "currency" at all the Olympic Games. Many people will trade pins for tickets or anything else.
  19. If anyone received more Beach VB tickets than they can use, please let me know as we did not receive any tickets at all in this round. Especially looking for any on the 6th, 7th or 8th. TIA.
  20. Disappointed because we have basically received nothing. The 3 that we received (tennis prelim, canoe and handball were not ones we really wanted but were backups. We (5 accounts) really wanted Beach VB and each person applied for basically all the sessions on the 4 days we will be there. Received NONE. Wanted others (but not on top of our priority list) and received NONE.
  21. Chateau Petrus, I don't see why you should be the least bit disappointed. Many of us have basically been skunked on both submissions. For us, we have 5 accounts and each time submitted for the max number of tickets (max 3 tickets per event). First round one person received 3 events (3 tickets each) and everyone else got zero. This round it appears everyone received zero. Did you look at your account and then click on "My Ticket Request"? Ours shows everything we requested but there is nothing in blue. Also hope that they have not "posted" all the tickets from this go around.
  22. Since everyone is talking about great availability to the OC, if anyone has a way to get any, I could sure use 3 tickets.
  23. CoSport has managed to have live sales in the past so I don't see why this would be such a large undertaking.
  24. This tells me that the EU and Australian release of tickets inadvertently included the U.S. allocation of tickets. So basically CoSport does not have any tickets available for the U.S. Having another request phase gives CoSport time to try and get more tickets. Hope the limit this request phase to those who did not get any tickets in phase 1.
  25. Let's hope that Rio takes lessons from Sochi about security. Sochi had everything secured. Had to go through metal detectors a couple of times to get into the venues or on the trains. Never a delay over 4 or 5 minutes.
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