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  1. Here is the real drawing of the caldron and how they will light it!
  2. The other day our daughter received her tickets via FedEx without any issues. Our tickets are scheduled to arrive today according to FedEx. So no issues.
  3. If Line 4 is not ready, it will be a pain in the you know what for everyone. I suspect that this may be more political talk to try and get the federal government to come up with more money. It is not just Rio that will get a bad name if Line 4 is not finished but also Brazil.
  4. Look at Ebay. Prices are dropping like a rock. Cat. D for less than $500 ea. I know Ebay may be somewhat of a risk but it is better than nothing. Last sale was $910 for 2 Cat. D tickets.
  5. Thanks everyone for the great inputs. The transportation system and maps are very confusing. Especially considering that many maps have not been updated and there is little information on line 4. We are staying in Barra near the Sheraton and assume that to get to the OC, the best bet is to get to line 4 and then transfer to line 1 and get off at SÃO FRANCISCO XAVIER. We would then walk to the stadium. Forget which bus it is, but I believe there is a bus that stops near the Sheraton and goes to the line 4 terminal. Can anyone confirm this? TIA Should have specified the Sheraton Barra
  6. Probably because people can now buy tickets directly from Rio2016 for a much cheaper price. CoSport needs to try and sell as much as they can to make their profits. As for demand, just look at the availability at both the CoSport and Rio sites.
  7. Even have Opening and Closing. Must be because of the open sale by Rio 2016.
  8. The press has reported numerous times that the metro was a key element in their transportation plan bid.
  9. Also, what is the status of the Transolimpica highway? The pictures I saw from April showed a lot of construction still to do.
  10. Wonder if they will have separate / higher prices for foreigners? If they don't it will completely shut down ATR sales.
  11. I remember hearing about Rio2016 foreign sales some time ago but have not heard anything since. Does anyone have a link to the information?
  12. Do you have any friends in the US? Cosport currently has V0010 Cat A available. Can not find any information on the Rio2016 site about foreign tickets sales. Remember hearing about this some time ago but have heard nothing since. Anyone have a link with the information?
  13. Am in the US and wanted to see if anyone has access to 2 or 3 Opening Ceremony tickets. Have not been lucky enough to find them on US CoSport. Willing to pay some premium plus PayPal fees plus mailing fees. Have attended Vancouver, London and Sochi Openings and don't want to break the string. Thanks in advance.
  14. He can say there will be no impact but unless he can get the CDC et al to say the Zika virus is not an issue then there will be an impact. This just goes to show how little you can trust what the Rio execs are saying. Perfect example of an impact is my family who will probably back out because of the virus.
  15. It will affect Rio 2016. I believe many people, especially pregnant women and their families, will decide not to come. If they can not resell their seats, there will be even more empty seats.
  16. If you can, I would sure appreciate it. Can be contacted and deanandsuet at msn.com
  17. How did you get the Opening Ceremony tickets. We have been looking and not been able to find them (we are in the US and stuck with CoSport). If you know of anyone that has extra opening, we would be happy to pay a premium for them.
  18. There is always the possibility that tickets will be very late. I know for the London games, we purchased some tickets from Germany and they were very late coming. Our contact there only got the tickets to us a couple of days before the games started (since it was so late, we had him ship the tickets to our hotel in London).
  19. Wish I would have seen them. Would have picked them up in a heartbeat.
  20. I don't think anyone has been able to score Opening tickets. In prior years was able to buy them on Ebay but even they don't show any opening tickets available.
  21. No one knows when CoSport will release tickets. Your best bet is to watch the various forums and also check CoSport as often as possible. They may, or may not, give advanced notice of additional sales.
  22. Plus 1. Actually would love to see some Opening tickets become available.
  23. Just because there are limited tickets available, does not mean that they are split apart. Seat assignments will not be made for months. Yes in London there were a few issues but compared to the total number of tickets sold, but as a percentage of the number of tickets sold, the problem was miniscule.
  24. The issue that I see is that we applied for a ton of Beach VB sessions. Received absolutely NONE. Yet today almost all were available. Same with Diving and gymnastics. Had numerous people apply and received none. Yet available today. Maybe we were just lucky on the live sale and were able to get what we really wanted........
  25. I suspect the reason is that so many people got skunked in the first two rounds. Also, I received a couple of notifications from CoSport 2 hours after the site went live. So if someone was not watching and they did not get in until 2 hours after the site went live, they had a very limited selection of tickets. A couple of things are surprising. First, there are still basketball tickets left. Second, it appears the majority of the tickets were in C and D categories. It makes me wonder if CoSport did not downgrade people when they could not get the ticket category they asked for.
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