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  1. To me, the sports were good.  However, many things could have been done much better.

    1.  Athletes village - The Australians was not the only team that had problems.  Many countries just bit the bullet and paid to have things fixed themselves rather than make a fuss about it.

    2.  Security - Security was poor at best.  When entering venues you were just waived in if you set off the metal detector.  I know because I have had a knee replacement and always set off the detectors.  Never once was I patted down or had a hand wand used to verify my claim.  I could have had anything and they would not have known.  Security also went down hill when they had long lines and people could not get to the venue in time for the events.  They also should have followed Sochi's lead and had security on the trains and metro system.

    3.  Transportation was OK.  Line 4 worked but should have been open a couple of days before the games.  Transportation to Deodoro was horrible.  Even the event guides did not give proper information on how to get to the events.  No directional signs at Deodoro telling people where to go.

    4.  Food - nothing good or bad. They did fix the long lines from the first day or so.  However, many food stalls at the venues were not open.  Easier and quicker to get beer than water.

    Overall, I would give them a C. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, baron-pierreIV said:

     He already apologized; what else can he do.  Time to move on. 

    Lochte only apologized for not being more careful and candid in how he described the events.  He did not apologize or admit to making a false claim to the police or doing the damage to the restroom.  He never admits that the payment was for the damages that he caused.  That is what he needs to apologize for.

  3. There is an extradition treaty between the US and Brazil.  Lochte should do the right thing and truly admit what really happened. His "apology" was a farce. Just look at the attention he took away from the Olympics and the fantastic athletes that have poured their lives into preparing for the games just to have him steal the limelight with his lies.  It would do him justice if the US Swimming association, or whatever it is called, bans him from competing in any more events.

  4. I expected reasonable safety.  I saw a lot of military around but not much real security.  We have been to Vancouver, London, Sochi,  and LA.  We felt much safer in all those venues than at Rio.  Even with the toothpaste bomber in Sochi, we felt much more at ease there.  They had security on each and every train and along the tracks.  In Rio, we never saw any security on any of the BRT / Metro / Trains.  In London they took away my nail clippers as being "dangerous".  As I said, I could have gotten anything into the venue and killed hundreds of people. In Rio, we saw a large pool of blood right at the Jardim Oceanico Metro station and a big gang of people attacking a person and tearing off his clothes.  No police were in sight.  I expected there to be police at the entrance to any of the metro / BRT stops to make sure that everything was safe.  It did not happen.

    Thank god no terrorist activity has happened.  But in all reality it could.

    Rio is a beautiful place  -  but a risky one.  With a wife and family it is not where I would like to spend a relaxing vacation.

  5. I have to disagree that "all bar none have been glowing and positive".  I went and am obviously not glowing and positive.  I know many other people who are at Rio, including part of the NBC crew, who are not positive and can not wait to get home.  Look at the number of athletes that have already come home.  I bet the Closing Ceremony will be very sparse.  If it was so great, why would anyone leave when they had the chance to stay?

    You mention security blanket.  One of the things I wound up being very concerned about was security at the venues.  Yes they had metal detectors.  However, I have had a knee replacement so I always set off the detectors.  I would point to my knee to try and let them know so they could get a hand wand to check me.  Guess what?  They just passed me through without any check.  I set off the detector but they just waived me on.  They did not even have any hand wands around.  I could have carried anything and they would not have known it.  Is that good, or even reasonable, security?  I don't think so.

  6. I am not the one making the claim - you are.  So why should I prove that your claim, that you can not substantiate, is wrong?

    You are now talking about World Cup statistics.  That was when the Rio economy was doing much better.  Those statistics, in my opinion, do not apply to what the opinions are of people who are visiting now.

  7. 8 minutes ago, gamesnz said:

    As I said, again, some of these stories were made up. Notice even the story on the GB athletes, no detail, no names, just a simple paragraph.... Seriously..  So much so the  Australian athletes making the claim were punished and not allowed to attend the closing ceremonies. Yes there were other real issues, but nothing high profile as you are claiming.

    Just one specific.  Is the Portugal Minister being robbed not high profile?????????  Or do you dismiss that report as false?

    That is the problem when you say an absolute.  So easy to refute.

  8. 5 minutes ago, gamesnz said:

    Funny, those events didn't happen during the Olympics. And when the Australians tried to use the same "robbery" argument for coming back drunk last night, they were punished!!

    Nope, definitely no high profile issues.

    Please go back and look at the dates of the events.

    The Greek Official was robbed Aug 7 or 8.

    The British athlete on Aug 17

    The Australian swimmer on Aug 17th

    Portugal Minister August 6.

    None of these happened during the Olympics?  From what I recall, the Opening Ceremony was Aug. 5th and is still going on.

  9. 11 minutes ago, gamesnz said:

    What?? The US media is to blame for many articles of doomsday to take place Rio. Which is ridiculous, given the enormous amount of issues taking place in the US (Zika, contaminated water, violence). No high profile muggins/robberies took place in the Olympics and that's why nothing was reported. Why are you so thirsty for that? Can't you just accept the games were successful?  

    No high profile robberies?  You must be kidding!






    Yes the games have been successful however there have been high profile robberies and muggings.

  10. 4 minutes ago, zekekelso said:

    You are overlooking the whole "Lied to the police and the world saying they were robbed by thugs posing as police." Do a quick search on how many news articles were written based on that story on the dangers of Rio, and you might start to understand why the Brazilians are just a bit pissed. No, they aren't going to rot in jail or be publicly flogged, but the boys-will-be-boys justifications have to stop. 

    I understand what you are saying however, they may have truly believed that they were being "shaken down" by the security officer.  With the language difference, how much of what the officer said was understood?  Did they actually do the damage to the rest room?  We will never know.  If they did the damage, then they should have expected to pay for the damage.  However under the influence of alcohol nothing is to be "as expected".

    I do understand the number of articles that were written on the dangers of Rio.  However, if it was not this situation, it would have been another situation.  Look at the GB athlete who was robbed at gunpoint the other night.  I think the US media has gone out of their way to portray Rio in a positive light (possibly because LA is bidding for the 2024 Olympics?). The media has not publicized many of the high profile muggings / robberies that have taken place.

  11. To me the truth is halfway between the two stories.  They stopped at a gas station to pee.  Did some damage to the restroom.  Got back in the taxi and the security guard stopped them from leaving and had them get out of the taxi.  They gave the security guard some grief and the guard pulled his gun (was confirmed by the Rio police).  Police were called but the swimmers did not want to wait around (scared with might happen).  They either offered to pay for the damages or the guard insisted that they pay for the damages before they left.  Money changes hands and the swimmers leave.  Police come and station people say everything was resolved.

    Was the payment robbery or restitution for the damage that was done?  In some countries it is a well documented practice to pay and leave.  With language confusion I can see how the swimmers felt it was a "shakedown" and did not want to wait around for the police.  However,  they did have an obligation to pay for damages (assuming they did, in fact, damage the restroom).


    Best solution now is to have the swimmers provide an apology to all concerned and outline the misunderstanding that happened at the gas station.  I am sure a lawyer can write up a good apology that puts everything in the best light.

  12. I think that one of the main issues that Rio is having is that they have had 2 major events.  The World Cup and Carnival.  Carnival is their real celebration that brings everyone out with a lot of enthusiasm.  With the political / economic situation in Brazil the great expenditure of funds on the Olympics really grates on people. Also, the price of the typical ticket (especially the A and B tickets) were out of reach of most people in Brazil.  Then there was the lack of planning on the distribution of tickets.  The first couple of CoSport releases only had, for the most part, secondary type events.  It was only later that more tickets were released.  Add to that the Zika fear and terrorist fears people not traveling to Brazil and you have empty seats.

    Another way to judge the worldwide enthusiasm for the games is to look at what various souvenirs are going for.  For example, if you look at the Opening Pin, which is numbered and limited to 2016 copies, is barely selling on Ebay.  In past Olympics, the pins were going for in excess of $100.

    Bottom line is that you have a worldwide lack of interest in the games.
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  13. An example of a situation which should have bee safe but was not.  We were taking a taxi to Jardim Oceanico at about 6:00 am.  Within a half a block of the station there was a gang of 40-50 people ripping the clothes off someone.  There was also a large pool of blood right outside the station.  NO security was around.

    You would think that they would have had some security around  major station like that.

  14. My understanding is that Line 4 will not be open to the public until the 5th.  This has been confirmed via various sources. 

    So yes, it takes a couple of hours to get from Copacabana to Barra but it is no big deal.  Just plan the time.

    We are staying in Barra and would have liked Line 4 to be open on the 4th or earlier but we have just adjusted our plans for the 4th.  It should be an enjoyable time - just be flexible.


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  15. Some people are "half full" people and others are "half empty" people.  The water photos really show nothing.  The water could be very clear of yellow as others have said.  How many times have you taken a picture and when you looked at it the colors were "off"?  This could possibly be the case here.  The only way to tell is to actually see the water in person.

    That being said, Rio has made great accomplishments getting ready for the Olympics.  Yes there are still problems - but look at past Olympics.  Specifically Sochi.  Sochi had very few hotels ready - they had to bring in ships to take the overflow and even then they were kicking people off the ships in order to tale care of "Olympic Family".

    Bottom line is that we all wish Rio had gotten more done and that Zika / terrorism / violence was not an issue......but the fact is that they are still issues.  We all just need to deal with it and keep aware of our surroundings.

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