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  1. At least the nation now has a different political philosophy than the one that basically said "let's do nothing and see how bad things can get before we take any action".
  2. Just looked at the UAL stock. You say that the UAL stock has taken a "big drop". If you compare UAL to the DJI, you will see that over the past 30 days, the DJI is down 1.84% while UAL is UP 3.79%. Even just considering the last 5 trading days, both UAL and DJI are both down approximately the same amount. That is not what I call a "big drop". If you want to claim a "big drop" you need to only look at 2 trading days. But again, those 2 days are offset by the gains on the previous two days.
  3. Also, these laws have been on the books for many years. They have nothing to do with Trump or Sessions so why do we "need to poke a stick in Trump's and Jeff Sessions' eyes"? Why not poke a stick in Obama's eye? He did nothing to change the law!
  4. Are you saying that I am wrong about disobeying the flight crew is a federal crime? If that is what you are saying then please look at: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/49/46504 Just because the "court of public opinion" is against United does not mean that it is OK to disobey the flight crew.
  5. Do you have a mirror? If not, you need to buy yourself one (and a safety pin to go along with it).
  6. You must remember that he was violating FEDERAL law by not obeying the flight crew. Does not matter if he is a safety risk or not......it is a federal crime. Also, if the crew allowed him to stay on, what signal would it send to any other passenger, on that flight or any other flight? Is it now OK to only obey the law when you want? The flight crew needs to have authority. To me, when he said "Just kill me" it showed that he was a risk,
  7. And you think that CNN (Clinton News Network) is more realistic? Look at how much time each network spent on the Susan Rice story. Oh wait, you probably don't know what the story is because you watch CNN.
  8. I don't think, if fact I know, that we don't all think President Trump is doing things for the polls. Look at what the Obama strategy of patience has gotten us - a NK with nuclear capability, a NK that is close to having an ICBM that can deliver a nuclear weapon to the US, a NK that openly murders a relative. Yes, that strategy of patience was definitely helping to make the US a safer place to be. If you ask many people why they decided not to go to the SK Olympics, it was not because of lack of hotels (most did not even check into hotel availability), lack of transportation or lack of tickets. It was because of the tensions in the region. Many of those tensions are a direct result of the Obama strategy of patience.
  9. Trump is not a "trigger happy maniac". You need to look at the facts. Syria went against the Geneva Convention with the use of chemical weapons. The vast majority of the world agrees with what the USA did. As for Afghanistan, the only way to defeat ISIS and save our boots on the ground is to get rid of some of the tunnels. That is exactly what the MOAB was designed for. Not one civilian was killed in the action. If you are so knowledgeable, what would you do to defeat ISIS and stop the chemical killing. Have people kiss each other and promise to be friends (like some in Hollywood want)? That did not work when Syria promised to get rid of all chemical weapons. Off my high horse now.
  10. I think you and I are on the same page. Finding any accommodations in the area of the venues that have close transportation will probably be a very big problem. 3 hours plus on a bus each way to Seoul is not something that I would look forward to.
  11. From what has been reported, the capacity of the train system to / from Seoul is about 15,000 people PER DAY (excluding Olympic Officials). The Opening Ceremony ends, per the schedule, at about 10:30 PM and the venue has a capacity of 50,000 people. Many other venues have a capacity of over 10,000 people. I think that should raise major red flags for anyone that is planning on staying in Seoul and utilizing the train system to get to the venues. Even if you were willing to put up with the hours on the train each way (and the cost), you have no guarantee that there will be space available after any of the events.
  12. Also, have you noticed that the CoSport hotel packages now include transportation to and from the sporting and non-sporting venues? I believe in the past that this was not included. Just goes to show how much trouble the 2018 Olympics are in.
  13. Transport concerns, housing concerns, political concerns - they all enter into the lack of interest. We had thought about going and, in fact, had reserved a hotel in Seoul (fully refundable) but when we looked at the train situation we found that the trains will be very limited and if you went to a "late" event, there was a very real possibility that you could not get a train back to Seoul. Add to that the tensions with North Korea, you have a situation that we considered unacceptable considering the cost. On that basis, we canceled the hotel and did not pick up any of the tickets that we were offered.
  14. The hotel and transportation situation must be very dire. Look at the CoSport page and you will see that they are using the Ramada Gangwon Sokcho for many of their hotel packages. For once the package INCLUDES ground transportation. The note is as follows: " Ground Transport - Travel to/from sporting and non-sporting venues included in your CoSport itinerary via dedicated coach including airport/hotel transfers. " Previously I don't believe CoSport ever included ground transportation in their packages.
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